Sunday, October 16, 2011


Dammit, I've forgotten myself again.

It's constant, it never quits.
The distractions are masterful;
TV, Internet, Lover, Family, Maintance, Work,
and the worst of them all, my own other thoughts.

They all erode.
They all want attention.
They all pull me from my mission.
They all equal obscurity,
and this hurt me.

Obscurity is the Forever Hurt.

Every time I go into my "Deeper Self,"
one of life's little "erosions" knock me back
out again. Every time I actually reach the sky
to touch the Upper Glory, a jealous
Distraction Monster snatch my heel and
drag me back down.

To Earth.

To  normal,
to standard,
to ordinary,
to just "fitting in," never mattering.

This is discouraging, I'm going go get
some ice cream and watch TV.

Dammit, I've forgotten myself again.

Focus is not enough.
Focus is only strength in the moment,
not the over all.
No, I'll need to put safeguards in place
to shield me from forgetting my mission,
to shield me from... Erosion.

the biggest of the safeguards.
This old friend always put me back to
my train of thought.

the most realistic of the safeguards.
This commonsense sniper is a
master of killing off  Distraction Monsters.

the fastest of the safeguards.
This internal sprinter helps me chase
down fleeting thoughts before
they get away.

the smartest of all the safeguards.
This illustrious hacker will reboot my
program every time I reread my mission
statement or past works.

Now, let the battle begin.
With my crew at my back, my mission
has just been reinforced.
My Thoughts are tuned to incredible Focus.
I'm no longer afraid of losing my
train of thought.
Whatever I dream, I keep.
because now I'm well prepared
for the battle of...EROSION.