Thursday, December 1, 2011


for it's the best that they can do.

Pay real close attention to their details.
Research the technology they use.
The cool thing about big dogs is that  they
bully you with their technology because they
can afford it, and you can't, but you are closer
to the pulse of the people.
You can tap buyers emotions more throughly.
Your small enough to move with whim of culture.
While the big dogs debate how to amass
their great resources.

They can't do better,
they have reached their Threshold.
All you have to do is better it.

for it's the best that they can do.

The works that they hit the public with is the
best that they can buy.

The best that they can think of.

The best that they'll ever be.

All you need to do is break them down
piece by piece.

Check their hair, do yours better.
Check their cloths, do yours better.
Check their products, and add your on style.
Check their advertising, touch people more.

And if it's Art your in to, Rejoice.
Artist are the only people on earth whose
industry is based on individuality.

No two artist are the same, or should be
the same. So only you can have your

Just make sure that your art has some
survival for your audience.

All jobs that pay, caters to the survival
of the customer.

The more you cater,
the more they will pay you.

because you know that you are going to be
the highest survival for your customers.

And this will bring you to Riches.
This will bring you to Fame.
This will bring you to Power.
This will bring you to
a new... THRESHOLD. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I'm gonna do it.

I'm actually gonna do it.
I've been wanting to fix my self some
french toast, but I didn't have any Bread.

I've been dreaming and hoping that I
get some bread some day, and I think,
that today is the day. All of this waiting 
around begging God to please deliver me
some bread, is over. I going to go to the
store my self and buy me some bread.

Wow!, I'm so excited. Can you imagine,
me!, with my own loaf of bread. I can
make sandwitches, dip it in gravy,
you name it.

Yeah! I'm gonna do it.

First, I'll need to scrape together some
cash. Bread can be expensive. Then
I'll put on my good walking shoes.

Next, I'll plot a way to the nearest
store. During my walk I know I'll have to
go pass some unscrupulous people.

Once I'm there I'll chose the wheat
bread from my favorite brand.

Then I'll walk back hoping all along
that no one trys to rob me.

Boy, the logistics of just getting some
Bread was much more than I thought.

But I did it. I got the Bread.
I made French Toast. It was soooo good.

God is sooo cool.

Because, God kept it simple for us.
If you work out, you'll get abs.
If you save your money, you'll have money.
If you eat less, you'll lose weight.
If you slave your craft, you'll be great.
and If you walk to the store and buy Bread,
you'll have Bread.

Now that I'm full. I'm going to put on my
Great Art and work to the book of
Immortality, and have Immortality.

I'm tired of dreaming about it.

I'm gonna do it!
I'm going to plot and work til' I win

If you do it, you'll have it.

If I work for Immortality, I'll have it.
If I walk to the store
I'll have... BREAD.