Sunday, July 29, 2012


Did I do enough?
Did I love enough?
Was I loved enough?
Did I make a difference?
Is the World a better place than I found it?
Is GOD proud of me?

The air is as gentle as a baby's kiss.
The conifer shrubs are so tall they
caress the sky,
and the sky,
the sky is as blue as forever.
and the road,
the road is as permanent as,... GOD.

As I walk life's last Xyst and look
back at my years, I fret,...
I tremble,
with trepidation.

Was GOD happy with my work?

Am I heaven worthy?

Will I be loved after I'm gone?

I walk further.
The grass smells like the kindest
part of my childhood.

Who will show up at my funeral?
Who would care?

And then, in the distance
I see them.
I can feel their smiles before I can
see their home warming faces.

Grand Ma,
Grand Dad,
and,... and,
my Father!

As I took off running towards them
I realized that it didn't matter,
It never mattered.
The Sins of Earth are for Earth, not for

God is Love,
Love is God,
My Family is me,
and I am them,
and Love,... is us all.

When we touched,
the illusion of
all my hungers,
all my  angers,
and all my loneliness,
faded away like
yesterdays lies.

All that was left was,... Kindness.

I was Worthy!

We must all walk the final path
in the after life.
Will GOD be proud of you?
You'd better be sure, before
you hit that long path, on the,... XYST.


  1. To exist. To be or not to be. To live on beyond this body, this world, this way of life. To be worthy of love and our loved ones. Very good, Quin. Thank you

  2. Hello Enigma Quin, thanks for your recent visit, your blogger is set up very nicely here with words of wisdom...


    1. And CHEERS to you and your photography.


You are very kind :]