Sunday, December 11, 2011




Cheerleaders and...


My mother once told me that you
can break down friendship into four

Those you see in the hall
at school or work. Neighbors, you keep
only light conversations with. The postman.

Those you party or play games with.
A common interest binds you together.
If something upsets you, they will not
leave the common interest to support
you. They will not back you up in a fight.

Those who will back you up in a fight.
The ones who usually make you feel
good, more often then feel bad. These
are the ones who care about your feelings.

Best Friends.
Those who will tell you the truth no matter
how hard it will hurt. Those who
will help you through an illness. Those
who forgive you, over and over again.
Those who put your needs above their

It is the best friends that never fall out
of touch with you.

It is the Best Friends that seem to do
more for you then most of your family.

It is the Best Friends that God put on
your team for Life.

Respect this connection, for It's
chemistry is the hardest to find in
all humanity.

Think about it.
You've had more lovers than you
ever had Best Friends.

The State will let you adopt a child
long before you can turn a Companion
into a Friend.

And Family mostly love you,
put they don't spend their day to day
with you. To do that, they'd have to
really like you.

Most people have more than one child,
more than one parent, and more than
one cousin or sibling, but they usually only
have one Best Friend.

If you have more than one, than you
have proof that you are a good person.

Because putting in the effort that it takes
to maintain a connection that strong, takes
more than just work, it takes... spirit.

Doing the work you were sent here to do.

Helping others.

How many close Friends your spirit

These are the things that God weight
us by. This is the measure of a life
well lived.

So with an open heart,
go ahead and find some people who
shares atleast two interests of yours.
Be kind to them, be truthful, and let them
have it when they mess up, but never
abandon them. And maybe, just maybe,
you can upgrade them to