Sunday, November 13, 2011


I can't wait, I can't wait, I...can't... wait!

I'm tired of picking my clothes up
from the dry cleaners.

I'm tired of washing dishes.

I'm tired of washing the car,
running to the store,
doing odd errands,
and chasing paperwork.

I'm really tired of being pulled away from
my Art.

I need some Clones.

I need to be at several places handling my
business all at once.

I need to be left alone to do my Art.

I can't wait for the money to come to me.

I did the work.
I did the self watching it takes to know my
own daily rhythms.

I know my needs,
I know my wants.
I know I can train them.
I know I can Clone their hands to my needs.
I know I will be greater with them.

Come on Money bring me my Clones.

With their extra hands taking care of my
tedious maintance, my hours would  be free
to pursue the real work,...


They will be working for some big shot
anyway, it might as well be me :]

I want to train some young artists to draw, no,
paint, my lite works while I put the personal
touches on my Big Dog Works.
There are so many more works I can do if
only I could free up my time.

Come on Money bring me my Clones.

I can't wait, I can't wait, I...can't... wait!

To have ALL my hours for me.
To have all my time truly accounted for,...
To be a machine gun to Immortality,
not just a shot gun.

I don't want to live my whole life being
some else's extra pair of hands,
and I don't have enough time in the day to
get to all my needs.

Please God guide my mind to extra hands.
Please God guide my money to extra riches.
Please God help me not have to fight
Obscurity alone.

Please God, bring in the... CLONES.