Saturday, September 15, 2012



The Fall,
The fall is so painful.

The Stares,
The stares, as I walk away with my head down.

I failed.

I put so much Effort into my Work...
Dreaming, Sweating, and Struggling.
I put so much Life into those Hours.
I put so much Sacrifice into these Tears.

What went wrong?
What Sin is Karma punishing me for?
...What could I have done different?


Was I to soft?
Was I to Ordinary?
Did I care to much?
...Did I try to hard?


Maybe I'm just not cut out for...
[Then I heard it.]


It... was... GOD.


God was telling me to Adjust,
and Re-Storm...AGAIN.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I always thought that I wasn't,
a big fan of parties.

Why go where people are just wasting
their precious time getting high, and forgetting
about what happened there?

I always had better things to do,
like learning how to rule
my part of the world.

And while learning how, I found a very
interesting parallel...


Fund Raisers,
Big Store Sales,
Holiday Gatherings,
Sporting Events,
Art Shows,
Poltical Parties.

Parties are a gathering of people for
a united purpose.


Anything worth doing either starts
or ends with some type of Party.
Even Charity gets a Celebration.

Don't get me wrong.
I was always good at parties.
You can even say that I was often the
life a lot of them.
Yet I never understood just how
Important that skill to drive the party was.

Until Now.

I will now run my party favors, refreshments,
and personality to the hotspots with crazy Zeal.
My every social stroke,
will now have Sex appeal.

If I wish to be remembered
with a fabulous Trill,
I must Party Reptile
to pay Immortality's Bill.

'Tho I never thought that partying
would be Practical.
I will be the greatest
of all the...PARTY ANIMALS.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Every family has one.
Just make sure that your not that one.

My mother first brought the term up to me,
when she was describing a family member
that was constantly not doing well.

She told me about the character on the old
TV show Petticoat Junction's Uncle Joe.
This character was the Uncle of three girls
and the brother of the manager of
"The Shady Rest" hotel.

Dear old Uncle Joe,
would always be lauching one,
hair-brain, get-rich scheme after another.
The schemes would always back fire,
and land him in trouble.

In real life,
an Uncle Joe is the type of person who
consistantly duck out of their responsibilites.
Be they drug addicts,
drunks, punks, yahoos,
dreamers, loafers
or high anxiety cowards.
This useless part of "humanity,"
isn't of any use to anyone.

You know these people.
Be they male or female,
they always seem to have to live
with someone else.

Someone else to;
wash the dishes,
mop the floor, watch the kids,
pay the bills, or... simply...
go to work.

They always have an excuse.
They always have frustration.
They always have... tears.

They think their your equal even when
your taking care of them in your house!

They are very stranglable people.

The worst part about these people
that we have to carry, is that they are
very prideful. Any mention of their
short comings and they get very
defensive, to arguemental degree.

Their fear of responsibility
needs to be clinically treated.
Their impudence due to Anxiety of
appling themselves to the world,
hurts all who depend upon them.

They need hope.

They prefer easy money.
They prefer no work.
They hate athority.

They need a reality check,
oh, wait, that doesn't work.
Their to damaged for reality checks.

They need hope.

Hope that they'll succeed.
Hope that they'll make it on their own.
Hope that their dreams may come true.

Avoid them like the plague,
But if you can't, give them Hope.

It's a harsh reality,
that some parts of humanity lives so low.
But, we have to take care of them,
good old...UNCLE JOE.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


It takes Muscle.

You must lift it.
You must excercise it.
You must Romance it.

"How did you do that?"
"How did you come up with that?"
"Wow, your brain works 
  different than ours."
"Why did God give that to you?"

It takes Muscle.

They say if you don't use it,
you'll lose it.

Their Right.

Imagination is a Muscle.
And just like any other Muscle,
you must work it,
for it to get stronger.

You must lift new concepts,
new thoughts, new surroundings, new,...

Magic takes Muscle!

Muscle takes Excercise!

The more you do anything
the better you'll get.

Always start out with a bias.
Always have your own thought,
and before you unveil your works
to the public, make sure you hit
most of the professional queues
of the day.

Magic, that part of the work that
transends into greatness, can be had by
the average citizen,
if the average citizen is willing to
excercise their Imagination to a great degree.

When you see a new building, or
an unused one, Imagine what you would do
to make it generate more traffic, money,
and interest.
When you hear a song you barely like,
how would you make it cooler?
When you use your favorite device,
what would you add to it to make it better?
This Excercise is Humanity's cream,...

day dream.
Day Dream.
[This is lifting.]

Flabby is the common Imagination,
who's God pleasing is Tragic.
There are not short cuts while developing,
the Muscle of,... MAGIC.

Monday, August 20, 2012


It will hurt you, the longer you stay there.

It's comfort will hold in time.
Time that you can not get back.

I don't blame you.
Yesterday's summers were awesome.
Yesterday's holidays were magical.
Yesterday's friends were,...

Yesterdays are for the Dead to romance.
Today is for the Giving to enhance.

The Living are the Giving.
The Giving are the architects of Yesterdays.
Yesterdays are the architects of Tomorrows.

Use them to build Tomorrow,
but don't get trapped there.
Learn how Yesterday Glowed,
and you will learn how Tomorrow Shines.

Rescue your feelings
from an emotional maze.
Kick up your Life.
Tomorrows will make
better,... YESTERDAYS.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


You can see it in their eyes.

Did they smile?
Did they get excited?
Did they want one,
or ask you to do it again?

If there is no shock value on their face,..


Did they ask, "How you do that?"
Did they ask, "Where did you get that from?"
Did they say, "You didn't do that!?"
If they didn't,


Luc warm responses, are always failures.

Don't give up.
Don't be discouraged.
Just stop the wrong, or weak path
and re-adjust your way to success.

Your only real chance of taking over any
real market is to keep working the
Universe until their reactions show you
that you've Won.

Anything less than that, isn't Hot enough
to stand up in the market place.

Luc warm responses, are always failures.

Trust their knee-jerk reactions,
for it will save you a lot of time and money
on your way to riches.

If they see dollar signs along with you,
then there IS money to be made with
this new idea, if only you see it,
then it is best to,...ABORT.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Let them make you over.

Be their fantasy.

Be their lover.

Be their god.

Bigger than Life, is your only option.
Royality, is your only style.
Superstar is your only now.

Let their needs make you over.

Do your hair the way they need you to.
Do your face the way they like to see it.
Do your clothes, voice, walk, and smile
like a hero.

Dress up for the camera.
Play god for the camera.
Never walk out the door without
dressing for the camera.


Give them what they want.
Let your body be their canvas.
Because, if you look the part,
and if you act the part, they have no choice
but to cast you in the part.

No one cast soldiers as an  artist,
they only cast an artist as an Artist.
If you play the part of an Artist, and only an
Artist, they can only see you as such.

Embrace this like your future depend on it.

Become their ideal.
Become the Idol for your FANatics.
And no matter what you'll do,
they'll think it's best.
no matter what you demand from them...
they'll say,... YES.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Did I do enough?
Did I love enough?
Was I loved enough?
Did I make a difference?
Is the World a better place than I found it?
Is GOD proud of me?

The air is as gentle as a baby's kiss.
The conifer shrubs are so tall they
caress the sky,
and the sky,
the sky is as blue as forever.
and the road,
the road is as permanent as,... GOD.

As I walk life's last Xyst and look
back at my years, I fret,...
I tremble,
with trepidation.

Was GOD happy with my work?

Am I heaven worthy?

Will I be loved after I'm gone?

I walk further.
The grass smells like the kindest
part of my childhood.

Who will show up at my funeral?
Who would care?

And then, in the distance
I see them.
I can feel their smiles before I can
see their home warming faces.

Grand Ma,
Grand Dad,
and,... and,
my Father!

As I took off running towards them
I realized that it didn't matter,
It never mattered.
The Sins of Earth are for Earth, not for

God is Love,
Love is God,
My Family is me,
and I am them,
and Love,... is us all.

When we touched,
the illusion of
all my hungers,
all my  angers,
and all my loneliness,
faded away like
yesterdays lies.

All that was left was,... Kindness.

I was Worthy!

We must all walk the final path
in the after life.
Will GOD be proud of you?
You'd better be sure, before
you hit that long path, on the,... XYST.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


All real relationships are built over time.
All well loved romances, reach a fever pitch.
All great symphonies climax to a fantastic,...

So too must your love affairs,
so too must your Art,
so too, must the sales of your Art.

In order to have a whirlwind love affair,
one must make romantically generous
memories, one kiss at a time. 
In order to really insure sales,
one must whip the public up into a frenzy.
In order to keep the World remembering you,
they must have several examples of your


One of your works will show your smart.
One of your works will show your sexy.
One of your works will show you relate.
One of your works will show that you
know how to have fun,
But all of your works will show that
you are Great!

Build a master plan.
Just when they think that you are done,
hit 'em even harder with newer,
stronger works.

Remind them with your eyes,
not your mouth, that you are the better
part of Their lifes.

You are destined to be remembered.
You are destined to be great.
It's time to bring joyful tears to their eyes.
It's time to let them know,... CRESCENDO.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I am more.

More than what you see.
More than what you ignor.


All of the lowly thoughts you cherished
about me were never true,
were never real,
were never substantiated,
accept, by your own little fears.


I am More,

than your dreams permit,
than your ego can handle,
and than your fears can take.


Must you join their party?
Are the Pitys the only group of people
who will bless you with an invite?

Must you group with the losers to hate,
fear, and lash out at those who succeed?

The winners gave you an invite as well.
If you rechecked your mail, I sure you'll
see that,
God gave you a talent too.


Where are you going?
Maintance is not enough.
Anyone can maintain.
Maintaining is the bottom of humanity.
Every generation has their own responsebility to
take humanity higher.


Where's your contribution?

If you don't have one,
don't be embarassed,
just do your part of Uplifting the ones who do.

Because, if they Uplift humanity,
and you Uplift them,
you'll be doing your part,
to help raise us all,...UP.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Don't waste your time.
They will never hear you.

You have to Show
before you Flow.

Have you ever tried to give someone some
much needed advice, and they didn't
repect your point of view?

They'd talk while your talking,
They'd deny your conclusions,
Some, would call you a straight out liar.

Everyone being asked to change their
path, needs proof.

Proof is fact.
Proof is security.
Proof keeps them from looking like a fool.

Those who usually don't heed your advise,
don't trust you.
Those who usually don't heed your advise,
don't respect you.
Those who usually don't heed your advise,
don't ... Love you.

Remember, if you wish to share wisdom,
you must sprint ahead first.
They can't see you if your running
side by side with them.
They are to busy looking ahead to their goal.
The only things in their vision is what,
or whom is already in front of them.

Unless they respect you, trust you, or
Love you, they will never see you.

Move on.
Sprint ahead.
Show them that you always knew what
you were talking about.

Don't waste your time trying to explain
Life to those who don't receive you.

They need proof, facts, the security
of a college.
You must Sprint ahead,
 in order to share,... KNOWLEDGE.

Sunday, July 1, 2012



You've got to throw the numbers at them.

Numbers is your Genius.
Numbers is your Survival.
Numbers is your Immortality.

Thomas Edison went through over 1600
fillaments before settling on that carbon one
to up grade the light bulb.

Prince, would only get an average of 2
charting hit songs per album. In a world
where most music artist get only one album,
and if they're really luck, become a one hit
wonder, 2 hits per album look like
a stroke of...


You've got to through the numbers at them.

Television Stations makes hundreds of TV
shows a year before finding a hit.

We all visit hundreds of web sites before
seeing the few we like best.

You may talk to tens of suitors before finding
a good lover.

It's a numbers game.

Through out a hundred,
get rewarded for seven.

In a world where the averge person my
only get rewarded for one, seven makes
you look like a Genius.

Nobody remembers your failures.
They will only go to your story to
learn how to suceed, [for their own

The children that listen to the stories,
will see the Numbers.
The children that listen will know that
the game is Volume.
The children that listen will get that
Quality is a happy accident of ...

Sunday, June 24, 2012


My I never get that sloppy.

I have so many friends who pride them selfs
on the fact that they are no longer surprised
or excited by Life or their on Dreams.

They walk with a swagger,
a chip on their shoulder,
almost an arrogance.

They "know" things are not going to get better,
so why even try?
They walk with the "real"ization that anyone
who even try, is just a fool wasting their life
away chasing windmills.

Don Quixote will always be remembered.
The sloppily Jaded will never...

May I never get that sloppy.

The dictionary defines Jaded as:
Tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm,
typically after having had too much of something.

To much;
people talking behind your back,
pretending to be something they are not,
promising to help you then not,
hating you when you win.

It's easy to get Jaded.
It's easy to let yourself go and get sloppy
with Hopelessness.

I'm stronger than easy.

I will always be happy.
I will always  be positive.
I will always love people,
I will never let Life keep me down.

I will never get that sloppy.

I'm not afraid,
so my emotions aren't gated.
Sloppy are the weak,
the religion of the,...JADED.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Thank you.

For belittling us,
for villafing, hating, and attacking us.
Thank you for all of your efforts to hold us back.

Thank you for your fears.

Thank you for getting up out of your bed each
morning with the top thought on your mind,
"How am I Going to hurt them today?"
Thank you for making us your first priorty.

We appreciate the attention.

We are worth of no less.

We are Worthy of only your supreme effort.
We are Worthy of your full time, money, and

We thank you for spending more time on us
than you do on yourselves.

For Generations, you've systematically tried to
tear us apart, but We Are Still Here.

You can't erase your mistakes.
God sees your Hate.
God sees your Jealousy, Fears and, Failure.
God sees You.

We appreciate the attention.
Thank you.

Thank you for showing us that we matter sooo
much, in your life. Thank you for demontrating
that we matter so much more to you than the
others who are not you. Any competitor that
you through Generations of attention at, must
be secretly better than you.

Shhh,... we won't tell.
We can't, You made them all think we're liars.

So we won't tell, we'll do what you are afraid of
we'll continue to show.

The more you come after us,
the more Important we'll feel.
Keep displaying your weakness,
keep attacking your Betters,
with great,... ZEAL.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Video games.
Do you like video games?
I like video games.

They are full of puzzles, death pits, enemy horeds,
mazes, and evil bosses, yum.

All of whom are tring to stop you from gettting to
your goals.

Donuts, Flatscreens, pizza, alcohol, porn,
a weekend to remember, polishing your horn :]

Death pit, you won't get that time back.

Your suppose to tap the button twice to leap
over death pits. The funny thing is, when you leap,
you get higher for a moment. You get closer to
God, if just for a moment.

Doing God's work has a way of making us all high.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a religious nut.
If you talk to me, I don't talk about God all day,
but if you watch me, I work for God all day :]


War, rape, hunger, homlessness,  child abuse,
heart disease, drugs, racism, player haters.
When you look around, life is as silly as a
video game.
Full of unnecessary and unheavenly things.
Are they there to strengthen or "character" for the
battle in the next realm?, oops, I meant next level?


Family, life's work, love for self, peace with God,
When you look around, doesn't it seem silly to gain
all these lessons and skills,
just to lose them when we die?
I don't think God is that silly. I mean God did create
the platypus, so there is a silly streak, but,
I don't think that music, poetry, romance, and love,
is needed for survival in this realm. Sorry, level.

I think that we are suppose to gain in degrees
of these powers for the next level.


Jealousy, hate, money, sex, following the crowd,
seems a lot smaller now.
We need to take care what we do here,
it'll matters more than we know,
that's my suspicion.
We need to learn to devalue the importance
of all these silly...OPPOSITIONS.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Exisitance, is God's Master Work,

and we are it's Greatest Fans, [Fanatics.]

We Cling to it.
We Romance it.
We Worship it.
We Sex it.
Above all, we certainly don't ignor it.

We don't Ignor GOD.

Those who Worship Obscuity, [ Live for the Now,]
have no faith in God, and God's Works,
So, they leave no works behide of their own to promote God.

Those who Worship the Now, Ignor God,
So God has the History Books inturn, Ignor them.

It's not enough to live.
You must uplift Existance so well,
that you will be remembered for it.

Immortality is God's way of giving out Gold Stars to
the Children that listen.

Like a Parliment of Sexy Monks, we sacrafice ALL, for our art.
We endure Pain, all for our Art.
We live very little outside our ART.
This of course transforms us,...

We shall always follow God's example, and cater to
so when the end come, we need to offer No Apology.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Make no mistake, it is ownership.

You own it,
it Owns you.
You own them,
they Own you.

As you walk through life, you are gifted with belongings.
As you walk through life, you pick up new belongings.

My car,
My bed,
My parent,
My sibling,
My friends,
...My lover.

"Ownership of property may be private, collective, or common and the property may be objects, land/real estate or intellectual property. Determining ownership in law involves determining who has certain rights and duties over the property. These rights and duties, sometimes called a 'bundle of rights', can be separated and held by different parties."

All this is true, but what they don't tell you is that people
fit under this same definition.

You have both "rights and duties" in every single
relationship you hold dear.

You have the right to have your family protect you,
your friends support you, and your lover hold there sex
exclusively for you.

You Own their sex.
You Own their future chilren.
You Own a big part of their love here on Earth.

I say this not as a egotistical rant about how much
is due you, but as caution,
of  how much you are due them.

Becareful of who you let Own a piece of you.
Becareful of who you give your sex rights to,
your, shoulder to cry on rights to,
your, I'll stick my neck out for you, rights to.
Becareful of who you take responseblity for.

Because if you don't take the time to choose wisely,
all of their problems you will now...OWN. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012


The Well.

The lowest part of my life.

It's so dark down here.

I look up at the well mouth and see, just a trace of light.
Love is so far away from me.

Life is now a cold joke.

I am actually becoming comfortible here.
I've grown accustom to the dark.
Being thrown away and forgotten is my new normal.

Well, at least God loves my neighbors.

I hope I die well.

I look around me, and my room is a wreck.
I have garbage as tall as my night stand.
I haven't seen the floor in a year.
Accept for my little dirty path to the door.
The carpet hates me.
I only shower for defensive reasons.
I should go back to hanging up my clothes.
Well,... maybe I should clean them first.
Is that a pizza box from last month?
How come I didn't smell it?

I'm disgusting,
and the mirror said amen to that.
The mirror is a bitch.

Fuck you mirror.
Fuck you pizza box.
Fuck you,...Well.


I grabbed the pizza box,
and ran it to the over filled garbage can.
I set on top. It fell off.
I got more pissed at the Well, and ran the garbage
out of the house and dump it out, [Without a
garbage bag,] into the dumpster.
The neighbors are gonna love me for that.
But I didn't care.
All I knew is that the Well didn't like it.

I smiled as I walked back into the house,
with the neighbors gawking at the site of
seeing me, [Some for the first time,] 
strutting in my tattered sleepware.

I close the door laughing,
and without out thinking I reloaded my
garbage can, gleefully.
Throwing out yet another foot of darknest from
The Well.


I must have thrown half of my house away
that day. Even some of my good clothes.
I didn't care, The Well was my bitch now,
at least I was winning at something.

I looked up, and Love got a little bit closer.

Through out the week, I would focus on a
small part of my house at a time.
Everyday I saw more floor.
Every day the mouth of The Well got brighter.
Every day God, got a little more prouder.
So did I.


Sunday, May 13, 2012


Compete with this,
fore in this, you have no true competition.

They may be smarter than you.
They may be more talented than you.
They may have more contacts than you.
They may have more money than you.
Hell,... they may be better than you.

However, No one can be you, but you.
No one can share your point of view but you.

After all, God chose you to see your point of view
for Humanity.
God chose you to teach your point of view to Humanity.

Compete with your point of view,
for it is your only saving grace.

God didn't hire them to say it.
God hired you.

Even if you are of great funds,
Even if they are of great funds,
The only thing that will set you apart
from all others,
the only thing that History will record,
the only thing that God will remember,
is your Interesting, Unique, Human touching,
Hard won, God given...VOICE.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Now you can began.

You have enough work experience.
You have enough people experience.
You have enough self experience.
You have enough,... hurt experience.

Ok, now you can began.

You can now, put all the pieces together.
You can now, equate all the common denominators.
You know now that to succeed, others must feel
that they can survive through you.

You must Look,
and Walk, like you are the Hero in their story.

Their fears keep them Ordinary,
  [You can't help that.]
Their fears keep them giving their Hope/Power,
  to someone else, [You can't make them Heroes.]
Their fears will keep you in power,
  [Everyone needs a role model.]

Ok, now you can began.

You know the Clothes that it'll take to,... Hero.
You know the Personality that it'll take to Hero.
You know the Works that it'll take to Hero.

The Hero always say and do what they can't.

You know all of their Heroes who came before you,
and how they did it.
Homework is done.

It's time to Renaissance.

It's time to throw out the lack luster rhythm of the past,
and use their fears to Revigor, Renew, and Rebirth,

Be their Hero.
Rebirth, and see their responce.
Everyone is waiting for the Hero,...RENAISSANCE.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


High standards.
Free of defects.
[A thing.]

Well spoken,
Strong in charcter,
Good in humor.
[A person.]

These are the dictionary's definitions of the word,
and you know what? They are right.

A person of Quality demonstrates all of these
A person of Quality is well adored.

You can't ruffle their feathers.
You can't find a chink in their armor.

You must be under the halo of Quality at all times.

They are the person who always keep there cool no
matter how much someone is in their face.
They are always reserved, always under self control.
They keep their sense of Quality even when they're,
confused, angered, sick, stressed, overjoyed or,

They have a divine sense of self discipline.
Always smooth, Always nice, Always solid.

You must be under the halo of Quality at all times.

Lots of religious leaders display this attribute.
It's because they have inner peace, and
they know who they are, and they know there

Know who you are...
Know your mission...
Find your inner peace,
and Gain your... QUALITY.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Do you hate GOD?

Do you not Trust GOD?

Do you not believe that you were chosen by GOD?

Do you have GOD?


Anyone who suffer from these Spiritual Illnesses,
have lost their Connection.

They have lost their Drive.
They have lost their Faith.
Think about it, everyone you know who's
personality embodies these traits,
are going down. Not up.


These are the traits of those who believe,
those who are winning,
those who are going up.
Not down.

In short, When you believe that GOD has your back,
you are Thrilled to meet the new day.
You are Thrilled to be alone.
You are Thrilled to reinvent yourself,
and start again.
You are Thrilled to do GOD's work.


If you ever find yourself in the absents of GOD,
remember that it's just your frame of mind.
GOD will never leave you,
but if you don't ask for help, may not get it.

Get in a quiet place, and count your blessings.
Pray several times, daily.
GOD makes People share more when you Smile.

Negativity is proof that you don't Believe.
Jealousy is proof that you don't Believe.
Depression, is proof that you don't Believe.

Everybody's spirit needs to be refilled.
Believe that GOD got your back,
and you will stay...THRILLED.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012


From this point on you must be a big old liar.

Always remember your beautiful Lie.

Cultivate it, romance it, share it with no one.

For The Lie is all important, all exclusive,
and your only True Armor.

"They" must NEVER know.
No matter how much they push you,
you must never surrender your Armor.

There will be egotistical duels, in hopes to
make you give up your Armor,,
must, parry.

Above is the sexiest state you will ever indure.
Make no mistake, you will be lonely.
You will be afraid.
You will be excited.
You will be The Favorite.

The Lie will be your only true comfort.
The Lie will keep you going when all
others Obsure out.
Only The Lie will keep you clam with the
smile on your face.

The Lie will make you Smooth.

They must never know...that YOU,

If they find out this FUNdamental truth.
They will try to drive you to Obscurity,
by labeling you an Elitist.

You are an Elitist.
That's why your searching for more "Know"
than "They" have.

Jealousy... is the Enemy. their sword.
The Lie... is your only True Armor.

The LIE...
Pretend like your one of them,
but Know that you are far Better.

They can Never do what you do.
They focus on you because they know this.
Let your work speak for it self, and when
they finally understand who you are,
try not to bust out laughing.
Just pause, be smooth, and look beneath you,
and smile.

The Lie will protect you even then.

Never give them a chance
to take away their Love,
Even if Fate chose You,
to soar...ABOVE.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


What is the definition of Stupid?

Lacking quickness of mind,
unintelligent, dull, foolish, brutish,

These are the dictionary's definition
of the word, but not the deeper
understanding used by those seeking

You can be one of the smartest people
in the world and still be,

I.Q. is a measure of your
intelligent quotient, [ How well you
process information.]

E.Q. is a measure of your
emotional quotient, [ How well you
process your emotions.]
[ Daniel Goleman's 1995 Book called 'Emotional Intelligence'.]

A Doctor who smokes is Stupid.

Eating the whole box of ice cream
is Stupid.

Getting involved with someone
who is known for beating their lovers,
is Stupid.

Trying to impress a crowd of losers,
is Stupid.

Looking for trouble,
is Stupid.

The Lexicon's definition of Stupid is
when your emotions overwhelm your

It's when you throw out the
consequences, and ignor
pending trouble.

[You wish you could stop yourself,
but she makes you so mad you want
to rip her face off.]

Violence is a pregnant bitch,
it's children will show you that you
were Stupid.

Stupid people always have to do
rework. They always undo their own
glory. They never get the chance to
go as far as they could have.

Everone stuck in prison is Stupid.
[ They will tell you that themselves.]

My mother always said,"Stupid
will get you killed."

If your Intelligence says go right,
but your emotions say go left,...
left is more often than not,

Look at all the people in your life who
pride themselves about their
"feelings," do they live a stupid life?

Stupid is, as Stupid does.

Keep away from Stupid people,
they don't even make good employees.

If you hang around Stupid people it
will rub off.

Don't let anyone's little emotions
take you off track, [Not even your own.]

So, keep Immortality's path
well executed,
and show the world,
that you were not... STUPID. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's because they, don't matter.

Rather they live on the mole hill or the
mountain, their fear of me winning, which comes
out as verbal attacks, [Jealousy.] Will never be
stored in peoples permanent memory.

I won't let it.

The images of me in peoples memories,
are under
My control.
My ego.
My skill.

They can't derail my car.
They can't humble my drive.
They can't shake my nice.
They can't kill my smooth.

They're not allow to even send me a
declaration of war.

Hell, my ego tells me they are not allow to even
know that we are in a fight.

Jealousy, means knowing that I'm doing
better than them.
They are my lessers.
They are not allow to put me on their silly
little battle field, called Obscurity.

The secret
The giggling......................................clubs
The grimaces................... brass knuckles
The lies...........................................knifes
The back stabbings.......................swords
The bulling........................................guns
The fight planning.............................bombs

Jealousy is the finest compliment.

I thank them all,
yet it's time to Disarm all the haters.

The secret whispers.............A friendly hello
The giggling..............Being glad to see them
The grimaces.....................A smile allllll day
The lies......................Genuine compliments
The back stabbings.................Being helpful
The bulling...Concerned with their problems
The fight planning................Occasional hugs

It's because they, don't matter.

They are not allowed to get me caught up.
The pregnant bitch is not my style.

Immortality is my goal, not their fears.

I will always avoid Obscurity's soldiers
with Elegance, Grace, and Charm,
Shedding a tear for all those who unfortunately
have no skills to....DISARM.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Violence never solves anything.


Violence...  solves... everthing!

Violence solved Hitler.
Violence solved Slavery.
Violence solved The Red Coats.
Violence solved Bonnie & Clyde.
Violence solved Bin Laden.

So you can't tell me that Violence
doesn't work.

The threat of Violence keeps me
from going off on you.
The threat of Violence keeps you
from going off on me.

If you refuse to obey the law time
and again, the Law is going to give
you the gift of it's Violence.

Violence is ratings.
Violence is sexy.
Violence is the cream of any movie.
Violence is video game heaven.

Hell when the Universe was made,
[Big Bang!] it was an act of Violence.

...Sex is Violent.

Make no mistake, Violence Works.

Yeap, Violence is a real Bitch.
In fact it's a pregnant one.
That's right, Violence always come
with another little problem that Grows.

Baby- After WWII we had to help
          everyone get on their feet, and
          are now called on to take the
          expence of policing the  World.

Baby- After The Civil War we had to
          suffer reconstruction with only
          half of the nations sons.

Baby- After The Revolutionary War,
          we had to fend for our selfs, with
          no nation backing us up, for a long

Baby- Bonnie & Clyde's legends just
          keep getting bigger, and
          spawning more copy cats.

Baby- Bin Laden was the hero of a
          people who has proven to
          drop acts of vegence for
          hundreds of years.


That bitch is always pregnant.

Think about it.
Every time you saw a situation that
got Violent, friendships evaporated,
property destroyed, trust broken,
and lives lost.

The baby is much younger than the
mother so, it always last longer.

Violence always stop the immediate
problem, but it always cause a longer,
newer one.

So take a pause
with future sense.
Beware, that pregnant

Sunday, March 18, 2012


The answer, is always The Hours.

Always remember... The Hours.

If you ever want to know, count
The Hours.

If your so smart than why aren't your rich?
If your so big than why aren't you a fighter?
If your so pretty than why aren't you famous?
If your so educated than why aren't you
If your such  romantic than why aren't you
with someone?
If your sooo nice, than why don't you have

What do you do with The Hours of your

If your always seeking knowledge, than
you have no Hours for seeking richness.

If your always focusing on the everyday
than you have no Hours for Fame.

Trade your in Hours for the Upper Glory.

If you throw an Hour a day into your Dream,
you will be an Hour closer to it.

There may be only 1,242 hours between you
and your Dream.

How many Hours have you already cashed in
for it?

A Dream simply cost Hours, that's all.
How smart you are, or how pretty you are,
or how well connected you are, only alters
how many Hours it'll take to get there.

Beauty may reduce 400 Hours.
Brains may reduce 200 Hours.
Connections may reduce it by 900.

So as you look up the mountain to see
the eagles soar, remember not to cower.
You to can learn to fly,
the only barrier is the...HOURS.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


They wear their hurt on their faces.
They hope you fear them so you can't see.
The wounded among all our races,
before I hurt them, they'll hurt me.

Just looking though his eyes I could tell
he's missing half a soul,
half a child hood,
half a life.

It must be sad going through your
whole life scarying people in to respecting
you, instead of actually earning it.

Temporary false respect.

People who are Hard are not fun to
live with.
Not fun to play with.
Not fun to talk to.

They wear their hurt on their faces.
They hope you fear them so you can't see.
The wounded among all our races,
before I hurt them, they'll hurt me.

I wish I could put them around kinder
people until it rubs off.
I wish they just go away.
I wish them even more hurt.
Then again... I wish them Zen.

Hard people are always alone.
Soft people are always with friends.

Hard  people are always paranoid.
Soft people always trust.

But Soft doesn't back me up in a crisis.
Hard does.

Soft doesn't lead well, Hard does.

I can't live my life, "Hard" all the time.
I need middle ground.

Thank you my God,
for not dealing me hurt cards.
I love it here in the middle.
I love life in the absents of...HARD.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I feel sorry for them.
I really do.

As I walk through the bar to my seat with my
drink. I feel sorry for them all.

Maggie, the over weight happy go-lucky
clown that puts a smile on everyone's face.

Martin, the loudest one in the pub, you
always know when he's not there because
the place would be missing it's roar.

Hank, who's always up for a game of pool.

Shirley Nose, who alway's know everyone's

Jan the bartender, who's always tired, and who
always miss her kids.

Bob the owner, who always love a party.
He never wants to be alone.

I feel sorry for them, indeed.

Always is their master.

They will live and die here.
Without really living.
They will live and die here.
Without really giving.

As Big Ron strike up the karaoke machine,
I can't help but wonder what dreams died
in this place.
What agents of fear haunt this place, and
how many other souls call this home.

I sat my drink down.
I do my karaoke turn,
and as I leave, I wave goodbye.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's a question of their self worth.

They want to know, no, need to know your
backround, your education, your linage.

You can't just be well read and naturally smart.
They think you have to pay someone to help
you read the books that anyone can check out
from the library.

When the turth is, they have to pay someone
to help them  interpret the books of knowledge
that anyone can get to.

They need someone to validate their self worth.
They need someone to let them know that
they are worthy, intelligent, and should be let in.

They need to know that they have... permission
to fly.

Remember anyone who harpes on your Pedigree
is looking for their own self worth, because they
needed someone else to say that they matter,
so, who are you to be any different?

You are the real talent,
with toughts unhampered by others politcal
You are the true skill,
whos works are not caged by others low
self esteem needs.

God has already blessed you with new
foresight to succeed,
so don't let their fears make you doubt your
genius... your natural... PEDIGREE.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


My reboot day.

My day I make or remake my lists for the week.

Sunday is my day of new hope.
Sunday is my day of self forgiveness,
if I failed myself earlier that week.
Sunday is my day of reassessing my plan.
Sunday is the new me.

Time to add new items on my diet list.
Time to refocus my spirit.
Time to thank my GOD for all my weeks

Sunday is the top day of the week.
It deserves to have my top attention.
It deserves my best ideas.

 It's no mistake that it took over the day of
worship from Saturday.
It's no mistake that it is the day of the Sun.
It's no mistake that it is the day we all glow.

I welcome all new possibliltes.
I welcome all new successful days.
I welcome a new chance to get it right.
I welcome... SUNDAYS.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's the sexiest word in the english language.

No to extra food on my plate.
No to hanging out with haters.
No to watching TV all day.
No to self doubt.
No to drugs.
No to unfit lovers.
No to being normal.


Harness my power.
Harness my future.
Harness my... Immortally.

No, I can't lose time on that video game.
I rather win my dream.

No I can't waste emotion on your fears.
I rather win my dream.

No to not Dreaming.
No to not following my Dream.
No to obscurity.
Ahhhh... the power of No.

When others chose to lose by saying yes
at the wrong time. I will smile and walk away
with the glory of my very sexy No.

Ohhh my God, No is such a sexy beast.
I wish I could crawl in to bed with it, and
do it all day.

It protects me from future hurt.
It comforts me in times of weakness.
It reminds me that I'm not a mere peasant,
and shouldn't do peasant things.

So to all the Distractions trying to steal my Go.
Beware my sexy,
my power of... No.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's never against someone else.

It is always against myself.

When I'm struggling to be heard,
I'm fighting for self esteem.

When I'm throwing punches in the street,
I'm fighting for self respect. 

When I'm tussling with the bills,
I'm fighting for financial discipline.

When I'm scuffling with the choirs,
I'm fighting against my lazyness.

When I'm hitting a new diet,
I'm fighting for my health.

It's not about you, It's me.
I'm hurting you to upgrade me.

You're hurting me to upgrade you.
They're hurting us to upgrade them.

Now that I understand, my motivations,
my weekness, my... sillyness,
I can focus better by picking my battles,
instead of them exposing me.

I can leave all the silly folk alone in
silly ville, and get to my glory
much faster,
much smoother.

After all, the upper glory is my right.
And your not allowed to drag me down
in your...FIGHT.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Burn them.

So you made a new start.
You've upgraded your discipline.
Your days now hold new promise.

An old crony calls,
[Lets waste your time and take you off of your
course like the old days. Remember that time
I helped you out of that jam?]

Burn them.

Your favorite sitcom comes on in syndication.
It's the 7th time you've seen it. It becons you
to come laugh with it again. It needs your time
to cater to it's Immortality, and takes away
from yours.

Your favorite fatty food is on sale in bulk.
If you buy it you can eat it all week :)

Burn them.

There will always be bridges back to comfort.
There will always be bridges back to failure.
There will always be...Obscurity.

Burn them.
Burn them all.

Only keep the friends, habits, and food, that
will take you to your higher ground.

Burn all others.

So that it will be impossible to go back.
Like the generals of old, give yourself no
way but forward.
No chance for retreat.
No choice but to win.
No cause but Immortality.
Burn the silliness of the past.
Burn the relationships that hold you back.
Burn the bad habits that keep you down.

Oh yes, it's hard to let go...
but God is watching.
And when impressing God is all there is, just
drop the excuses and
Burn the...BRIDGES.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


My fellow precious souls, I wish you all the best.

Bitches, I hate people.

Like surffering through the internet, negotiating
through all of the faces that pass my way 
is an herific task.

They pull at my time, energy, and money, to
secure their dreams. Leaving me less of my
own resourses to secure my dreams.

Can I trust you?

Can I trust you not to hurt me?

Can I trust you to help me be me?

Can I trust you to know that I will help you
be you?

Can I trust that loving you won't make me
unlove me?

My fellow precious souls, I wish you all the best.
I wish you all your dreams.

I wish you stop taking me from my dreams.
Bitches, I hate people.


God, help me love people.
Help me love the other images/versions of

Every Face I see, holds it's own story.

Every heart I read, is it's own ocean.

How can I force my way, my dreams, my
immortality's ship upon others oceans?

How can I not?

In every mind, and every soul, there are corners
of empty space.

I will fill them all with MY glory,
I will bless all the...FACES.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Self romance is your favorite TV shows,
eating ice cream in your pajamas, laughing with
your friend on the phone, spooning with your

You are my calm,
You are my sanctuary.
You keep me in the Here.

When I'm afraid I can't make my bills,
When my co-workers talk behind my back,
When I feel that I'm on earth alone.

You are my calm,
You are my sanctuary.
You keep me in the Here.

When I was young, and my parents would fight.
you were my favorite toys.
When I was a teen, seeing my single parent
struggle with depression, you were my
favorite hangout friends. Now that I  am
grown you come in the form of peace.

You come in the form of accomplishment.

You come with the smile of nostalgia.

With out you I couldn't stand to be in
the Here.

Video games, TV, Radio, Internet, and
lovers, when I reach for you...

You keep me in the Here.

When I'm low you take me higher,
what would my world be like without...

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Get Out!

Don't keep it real.
Don't romance the Hood.
Don't be afraid of the New.

Get Out!

Reconize your Wants.
Reconize your Needs.
Socially, Culturely, and financially.
Pick the area which caters to the real you,
and move there.

Don't wait 'til things are perfect.
Don't wait 'til you got support.

Get Out Now!

Choose a place where the people are good,
and they will help you get on your feet.

No joke, I've seen it happen time and again.
When people live well, they share the wealth.
You only need to know that the hood is to
small for you, to dark for you, to stupid for you.

You can escape the village of the damned.
You can be with kind people.
You can have better things for less money.
You just need to keep three things in mind....
location, Location,...LOCATION.