Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's been a while.

And I thank you,
for meeting me with a smile.

My telephone is happy again.
It delivers more than drama or
my closest friend.

Conversations with topics
that I have forgot.
Favorite color, favorite postion,
please don't ever stop.

It's been months since I had some touch.
I been Immortality's bitch, just a bit to much.

Working hard just to be remembered.
Then you come and show me what
I should be remembering.

That life has seasons and my Winters' over.
You Touch me and I Spring in to a Summer

Your gift is
covers drenched in perfumed sweat.

You are the comfort
my body won't forget.

Now I'm looking up,
smiling uncontrollably.
the sky is blue, hey long time, no see.

For years Immortality was my only care.
Then your Touch brought me back up
for air.

I'm looking forward to the holidays now.
Hey mistletoe, check out my new style.

I know my gushing is a bit much.
But you'll understand when you
get your new...TOUCH.