Sunday, February 19, 2012


My reboot day.

My day I make or remake my lists for the week.

Sunday is my day of new hope.
Sunday is my day of self forgiveness,
if I failed myself earlier that week.
Sunday is my day of reassessing my plan.
Sunday is the new me.

Time to add new items on my diet list.
Time to refocus my spirit.
Time to thank my GOD for all my weeks

Sunday is the top day of the week.
It deserves to have my top attention.
It deserves my best ideas.

 It's no mistake that it took over the day of
worship from Saturday.
It's no mistake that it is the day of the Sun.
It's no mistake that it is the day we all glow.

I welcome all new possibliltes.
I welcome all new successful days.
I welcome a new chance to get it right.
I welcome... SUNDAYS.