Sunday, May 6, 2012


Now you can began.

You have enough work experience.
You have enough people experience.
You have enough self experience.
You have enough,... hurt experience.

Ok, now you can began.

You can now, put all the pieces together.
You can now, equate all the common denominators.
You know now that to succeed, others must feel
that they can survive through you.

You must Look,
and Walk, like you are the Hero in their story.

Their fears keep them Ordinary,
  [You can't help that.]
Their fears keep them giving their Hope/Power,
  to someone else, [You can't make them Heroes.]
Their fears will keep you in power,
  [Everyone needs a role model.]

Ok, now you can began.

You know the Clothes that it'll take to,... Hero.
You know the Personality that it'll take to Hero.
You know the Works that it'll take to Hero.

The Hero always say and do what they can't.

You know all of their Heroes who came before you,
and how they did it.
Homework is done.

It's time to Renaissance.

It's time to throw out the lack luster rhythm of the past,
and use their fears to Revigor, Renew, and Rebirth,

Be their Hero.
Rebirth, and see their responce.
Everyone is waiting for the Hero,...RENAISSANCE.