Sunday, January 29, 2012


Burn them.

So you made a new start.
You've upgraded your discipline.
Your days now hold new promise.

An old crony calls,
[Lets waste your time and take you off of your
course like the old days. Remember that time
I helped you out of that jam?]

Burn them.

Your favorite sitcom comes on in syndication.
It's the 7th time you've seen it. It becons you
to come laugh with it again. It needs your time
to cater to it's Immortality, and takes away
from yours.

Your favorite fatty food is on sale in bulk.
If you buy it you can eat it all week :)

Burn them.

There will always be bridges back to comfort.
There will always be bridges back to failure.
There will always be...Obscurity.

Burn them.
Burn them all.

Only keep the friends, habits, and food, that
will take you to your higher ground.

Burn all others.

So that it will be impossible to go back.
Like the generals of old, give yourself no
way but forward.
No chance for retreat.
No choice but to win.
No cause but Immortality.
Burn the silliness of the past.
Burn the relationships that hold you back.
Burn the bad habits that keep you down.

Oh yes, it's hard to let go...
but God is watching.
And when impressing God is all there is, just
drop the excuses and
Burn the...BRIDGES.