Sunday, October 9, 2011


Take a look at what you've done.
In less than a hundred and fifty years,
Take a look at how far you've come.
Rising above all the back stabbings,
road blocks, and jeers.

They said your talk shows wouldn't matter,
        you "OPRAHed" them.
They said you couldn't fight,
        you "MUHAMMAD ALIed" them.
They said you couldn't fly,
        you "TUSKEGEE AIRMENed" them.
They said you couldn't ball,
        you "AIR JORDANed" them.
They said your music was to quaint,
        you "MICHEAL JACKSONed" them.
They said your style was not sexy,
        you "PRINCEd" them.
They said you weren't pretty,
        you "TYRA BANKSed" them.
They said you couldn't war,
        you "54th REGIMENTed" them.
They said you couldn't equal,...
        you "MARTIN LUTHER KINGed" them.

All History makers,
All at the top of their game,
All World Shakers.

Take a look at what you've done.
In less than a hundred and fifty years,
Take a look at how far you've come.
Rising above all the back stabbing,
road blocks, and jeers.

Do you remember?
Do you remember when they first pulled the
chains off of you after the Civil War?
Forty acres and a mule is the least they
could do for more than 300 years of profiting
off your pain, and it would've helped if they
actually paid it to you.

They stripped you of your Dignity,
to take away your will to run, or fight.
Then later, when they see some of you
embracing ignorance as a life style,
"Thug for life" they're shocked.

They stripped you of your Culture,
to take away your ability to pull together as
a family and resist their greed.
Then later, get puzzled on why some of you
can't see past the hood, or show a sense of

They stripped you of Love,
by selling off your family, so that they can
turn a profit [Breaking the connection].
Then later, scratch their heads when they
hear of Black on Black crime.

It took tens of generations for ALL humans
to install a sense of Dignity, Culture,
and Love. It took 15 generations for them to
breed it out of you. It'll take at lease 10
generations for you to breed it back in.

You are only six generations
free. You'll have to relearn all that was
stripped away, while keeping up with
the speed of this silly, yet wonderfully,
fast paced world of today.

Start owning your own stores again.
Chitlins are what your kidnappers used to feed you.
Whippings were how they trained you,
not their children.
Big booties, is from poor food, not African DNA.
Run from the ghetto as soon as possible.
"Keeping it real" means keeping from upgrading.
Attitudes only shows how hurt you are.
Abandon houses are not okay.
Drugs are only for those who know they're weak,
and can't handle it.
You can't buy dignity with jewelry, fancy clothes
and houses, only with bank accounts, good deeds,
and self respect.

They said you couldn't think,
        you "Dr.NEIL deGRASSE TYSONed" them.
           [sorry Pluto] :[
They said you weren't wholesome,
        you "COSBYed" them.
They couldn't lead.
         so of course you "OBAMAed" them.

More races enjoy civil rights because of you.
More nations express them selves better with
music because of you.
More people respect Blacks all around the world,
because of you.

America is stronger because of you.

Thank You.

Keep cranking out those World Shakers,
Keep the faith as your glories stack.
and don't be afraid to show the World,
that God's first color...was... BLACK.



  1. This posting was written out of Love.

  2. Very passionate with this one, Quinn. You listed some good/interesting references. I'm sure many will find this inspiring.



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