Sunday, May 20, 2012


The Well.

The lowest part of my life.

It's so dark down here.

I look up at the well mouth and see, just a trace of light.
Love is so far away from me.

Life is now a cold joke.

I am actually becoming comfortible here.
I've grown accustom to the dark.
Being thrown away and forgotten is my new normal.

Well, at least God loves my neighbors.

I hope I die well.

I look around me, and my room is a wreck.
I have garbage as tall as my night stand.
I haven't seen the floor in a year.
Accept for my little dirty path to the door.
The carpet hates me.
I only shower for defensive reasons.
I should go back to hanging up my clothes.
Well,... maybe I should clean them first.
Is that a pizza box from last month?
How come I didn't smell it?

I'm disgusting,
and the mirror said amen to that.
The mirror is a bitch.

Fuck you mirror.
Fuck you pizza box.
Fuck you,...Well.


I grabbed the pizza box,
and ran it to the over filled garbage can.
I set on top. It fell off.
I got more pissed at the Well, and ran the garbage
out of the house and dump it out, [Without a
garbage bag,] into the dumpster.
The neighbors are gonna love me for that.
But I didn't care.
All I knew is that the Well didn't like it.

I smiled as I walked back into the house,
with the neighbors gawking at the site of
seeing me, [Some for the first time,] 
strutting in my tattered sleepware.

I close the door laughing,
and without out thinking I reloaded my
garbage can, gleefully.
Throwing out yet another foot of darknest from
The Well.


I must have thrown half of my house away
that day. Even some of my good clothes.
I didn't care, The Well was my bitch now,
at least I was winning at something.

I looked up, and Love got a little bit closer.

Through out the week, I would focus on a
small part of my house at a time.
Everyday I saw more floor.
Every day the mouth of The Well got brighter.
Every day God, got a little more prouder.
So did I.