Sunday, April 8, 2012


What is the definition of Stupid?

Lacking quickness of mind,
unintelligent, dull, foolish, brutish,

These are the dictionary's definition
of the word, but not the deeper
understanding used by those seeking

You can be one of the smartest people
in the world and still be,

I.Q. is a measure of your
intelligent quotient, [ How well you
process information.]

E.Q. is a measure of your
emotional quotient, [ How well you
process your emotions.]
[ Daniel Goleman's 1995 Book called 'Emotional Intelligence'.]

A Doctor who smokes is Stupid.

Eating the whole box of ice cream
is Stupid.

Getting involved with someone
who is known for beating their lovers,
is Stupid.

Trying to impress a crowd of losers,
is Stupid.

Looking for trouble,
is Stupid.

The Lexicon's definition of Stupid is
when your emotions overwhelm your

It's when you throw out the
consequences, and ignor
pending trouble.

[You wish you could stop yourself,
but she makes you so mad you want
to rip her face off.]

Violence is a pregnant bitch,
it's children will show you that you
were Stupid.

Stupid people always have to do
rework. They always undo their own
glory. They never get the chance to
go as far as they could have.

Everone stuck in prison is Stupid.
[ They will tell you that themselves.]

My mother always said,"Stupid
will get you killed."

If your Intelligence says go right,
but your emotions say go left,...
left is more often than not,

Look at all the people in your life who
pride themselves about their
"feelings," do they live a stupid life?

Stupid is, as Stupid does.

Keep away from Stupid people,
they don't even make good employees.

If you hang around Stupid people it
will rub off.

Don't let anyone's little emotions
take you off track, [Not even your own.]

So, keep Immortality's path
well executed,
and show the world,
that you were not... STUPID.