Sunday, January 8, 2012


Get Out!

Don't keep it real.
Don't romance the Hood.
Don't be afraid of the New.

Get Out!

Reconize your Wants.
Reconize your Needs.
Socially, Culturely, and financially.
Pick the area which caters to the real you,
and move there.

Don't wait 'til things are perfect.
Don't wait 'til you got support.

Get Out Now!

Choose a place where the people are good,
and they will help you get on your feet.

No joke, I've seen it happen time and again.
When people live well, they share the wealth.
You only need to know that the hood is to
small for you, to dark for you, to stupid for you.

You can escape the village of the damned.
You can be with kind people.
You can have better things for less money.
You just need to keep three things in mind....
location, Location,...LOCATION.