Sunday, December 18, 2011


Act like a Grown up!

I can do what I want, I'm an adult now!

We've all heard these phases before,
but do we really know what they mean?

Do you know the difference between
Adults and Grown Ups?

Adults can take care of themselves.
Grown ups can take care of someone else.

Have you ever notice that there are people
who can go to work well, pay the rent on
their apartment well, look after themselves
well enough, but when it comes to taking
care of children, they suck?

If you notice, these same people don't do
well with the elderly either.

Those people are called Adults.

Grown Ups, can pay someone elses way,
make sure that the kid has his socks still on,
make sure that grandpa takes his meds.

In short, people leave their children with
Grown Ups over the weekend not mere

Grown Ups can cook enough to get by,
clean enough to have guess over, and
and be the bad guy when it's time to say

Adults get overwhelmed when they're faced
with the responsibilty of others needs and

Grown Ups anticipate others needs and

Adults can take care of themselves.
Grown ups can take care of someone else.

Make sure by the time you see God,
you go to God as a Grown Up.

Make sure when you leave this great
school called Reality, you Graduate with
the diploma called....GROWN.

Sunday, December 11, 2011




Cheerleaders and...


My mother once told me that you
can break down friendship into four

Those you see in the hall
at school or work. Neighbors, you keep
only light conversations with. The postman.

Those you party or play games with.
A common interest binds you together.
If something upsets you, they will not
leave the common interest to support
you. They will not back you up in a fight.

Those who will back you up in a fight.
The ones who usually make you feel
good, more often then feel bad. These
are the ones who care about your feelings.

Best Friends.
Those who will tell you the truth no matter
how hard it will hurt. Those who
will help you through an illness. Those
who forgive you, over and over again.
Those who put your needs above their

It is the best friends that never fall out
of touch with you.

It is the Best Friends that seem to do
more for you then most of your family.

It is the Best Friends that God put on
your team for Life.

Respect this connection, for It's
chemistry is the hardest to find in
all humanity.

Think about it.
You've had more lovers than you
ever had Best Friends.

The State will let you adopt a child
long before you can turn a Companion
into a Friend.

And Family mostly love you,
put they don't spend their day to day
with you. To do that, they'd have to
really like you.

Most people have more than one child,
more than one parent, and more than
one cousin or sibling, but they usually only
have one Best Friend.

If you have more than one, than you
have proof that you are a good person.

Because putting in the effort that it takes
to maintain a connection that strong, takes
more than just work, it takes... spirit.

Doing the work you were sent here to do.

Helping others.

How many close Friends your spirit

These are the things that God weight
us by. This is the measure of a life
well lived.

So with an open heart,
go ahead and find some people who
shares atleast two interests of yours.
Be kind to them, be truthful, and let them
have it when they mess up, but never
abandon them. And maybe, just maybe,
you can upgrade them to

Thursday, December 1, 2011


for it's the best that they can do.

Pay real close attention to their details.
Research the technology they use.
The cool thing about big dogs is that  they
bully you with their technology because they
can afford it, and you can't, but you are closer
to the pulse of the people.
You can tap buyers emotions more throughly.
Your small enough to move with whim of culture.
While the big dogs debate how to amass
their great resources.

They can't do better,
they have reached their Threshold.
All you have to do is better it.

for it's the best that they can do.

The works that they hit the public with is the
best that they can buy.

The best that they can think of.

The best that they'll ever be.

All you need to do is break them down
piece by piece.

Check their hair, do yours better.
Check their cloths, do yours better.
Check their products, and add your on style.
Check their advertising, touch people more.

And if it's Art your in to, Rejoice.
Artist are the only people on earth whose
industry is based on individuality.

No two artist are the same, or should be
the same. So only you can have your

Just make sure that your art has some
survival for your audience.

All jobs that pay, caters to the survival
of the customer.

The more you cater,
the more they will pay you.

because you know that you are going to be
the highest survival for your customers.

And this will bring you to Riches.
This will bring you to Fame.
This will bring you to Power.
This will bring you to
a new... THRESHOLD. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I'm gonna do it.

I'm actually gonna do it.
I've been wanting to fix my self some
french toast, but I didn't have any Bread.

I've been dreaming and hoping that I
get some bread some day, and I think,
that today is the day. All of this waiting 
around begging God to please deliver me
some bread, is over. I going to go to the
store my self and buy me some bread.

Wow!, I'm so excited. Can you imagine,
me!, with my own loaf of bread. I can
make sandwitches, dip it in gravy,
you name it.

Yeah! I'm gonna do it.

First, I'll need to scrape together some
cash. Bread can be expensive. Then
I'll put on my good walking shoes.

Next, I'll plot a way to the nearest
store. During my walk I know I'll have to
go pass some unscrupulous people.

Once I'm there I'll chose the wheat
bread from my favorite brand.

Then I'll walk back hoping all along
that no one trys to rob me.

Boy, the logistics of just getting some
Bread was much more than I thought.

But I did it. I got the Bread.
I made French Toast. It was soooo good.

God is sooo cool.

Because, God kept it simple for us.
If you work out, you'll get abs.
If you save your money, you'll have money.
If you eat less, you'll lose weight.
If you slave your craft, you'll be great.
and If you walk to the store and buy Bread,
you'll have Bread.

Now that I'm full. I'm going to put on my
Great Art and work to the book of
Immortality, and have Immortality.

I'm tired of dreaming about it.

I'm gonna do it!
I'm going to plot and work til' I win

If you do it, you'll have it.

If I work for Immortality, I'll have it.
If I walk to the store
I'll have... BREAD. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's been a while.

And I thank you,
for meeting me with a smile.

My telephone is happy again.
It delivers more than drama or
my closest friend.

Conversations with topics
that I have forgot.
Favorite color, favorite postion,
please don't ever stop.

It's been months since I had some touch.
I been Immortality's bitch, just a bit to much.

Working hard just to be remembered.
Then you come and show me what
I should be remembering.

That life has seasons and my Winters' over.
You Touch me and I Spring in to a Summer

Your gift is
covers drenched in perfumed sweat.

You are the comfort
my body won't forget.

Now I'm looking up,
smiling uncontrollably.
the sky is blue, hey long time, no see.

For years Immortality was my only care.
Then your Touch brought me back up
for air.

I'm looking forward to the holidays now.
Hey mistletoe, check out my new style.

I know my gushing is a bit much.
But you'll understand when you
get your new...TOUCH.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I can't wait, I can't wait, I...can't... wait!

I'm tired of picking my clothes up
from the dry cleaners.

I'm tired of washing dishes.

I'm tired of washing the car,
running to the store,
doing odd errands,
and chasing paperwork.

I'm really tired of being pulled away from
my Art.

I need some Clones.

I need to be at several places handling my
business all at once.

I need to be left alone to do my Art.

I can't wait for the money to come to me.

I did the work.
I did the self watching it takes to know my
own daily rhythms.

I know my needs,
I know my wants.
I know I can train them.
I know I can Clone their hands to my needs.
I know I will be greater with them.

Come on Money bring me my Clones.

With their extra hands taking care of my
tedious maintance, my hours would  be free
to pursue the real work,...


They will be working for some big shot
anyway, it might as well be me :]

I want to train some young artists to draw, no,
paint, my lite works while I put the personal
touches on my Big Dog Works.
There are so many more works I can do if
only I could free up my time.

Come on Money bring me my Clones.

I can't wait, I can't wait, I...can't... wait!

To have ALL my hours for me.
To have all my time truly accounted for,...
To be a machine gun to Immortality,
not just a shot gun.

I don't want to live my whole life being
some else's extra pair of hands,
and I don't have enough time in the day to
get to all my needs.

Please God guide my mind to extra hands.
Please God guide my money to extra riches.
Please God help me not have to fight
Obscurity alone.

Please God, bring in the... CLONES.

Friday, November 11, 2011


The Logistics of breathing is Taxing.


I beckon you, come fall on me like rain and
release me from my plight.


Where are you?
You where suppose to pick me up on the
conner of  troubles and pain.


The food I had to eat today made me feel bad
again. I grew lethargic, couldn't work on my
Dreams. I had to go to bed early, because of you!


My car wouldn't start today. I need a new starter.
My retired Mother couldn't afford a car so this was Our
only means of travel. The neighbors were so busy
fighting over your absents, that I couldn't get their help.
[I never liked them anyway].


I had to pay for a tow truck to get my car to the shop.
Pay for a cab to get from the shop because they
couldn't get to my car for two days, Two Days!
I guess in these times everyone is trying to hold on
to their current wheels, so everyone is nursing their
current wheels.


After having to pay for a cab both ways, buy a new
starter, pay the mechanic to put it on, I was then told
That I couldn't have my car until I paid the two day
lot fee for storing it :[

I didn't have it. I had to walk to my Mothers house,
Across town, borrow more money from her, and
then catch a cab before the shop closed. Oh did I
mention, I was getting in the car originally to find
a job.

Money...Your a real Bitch!

And now that my car is fixed, I'm going to find
out where you live, show up at your door,
and after your selfish ass answers, I'm gonna
knock thefuuuck! Out of you! Then turn you
around and turn you in to My Bitch!

So when people see you on the street working
for, no, hoeing for me,... They will say, Yo!
Big Time. How much do it cost to get a
piece of Your...MONEY.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Let them go. Let them go. Let them go.

You can only do you,
and they can only do themselves.
Leave them to God.

Chickens and Eagles.

Mountains are for the Eagles.
Mole hills are for the... chickens.

I didn't want to fly alone.
I was raised thinking that everyone
had that magic potential to get themselves
to the top of the mountain if they just
believed,... but now I know,
my hard head finally understands
that.... believing, is a talent, 
and talents are rarely taught.
You either have it or you don't.

I spent years chasing those chickens
around the mole hill, hoping that one,
just one, would fly with me.
Now I finally got my head on straight.
I only look for other Eagles now.

Do you know how to tell a baby
eagle from a chicken?
Their every day...
They work on their Dream,
...every day.  Without help,
without money, without,...
encouragement. They prepare
to fly the mountain.

Flying is a skill which takes great
faith and dedication, 
and in the begining, great concentration.
I am my Flight now.
I only smile with the chickens,
but I converse with the Eagles.

You can't talk them into it.
You can't force them into it.
You can't shame them into it.
You can't beg them into it.

Let them go. Let them go. Let them go.

They only know chicken talk because
they're scared, and their scared
because they're
a bunch of...CHICKENS.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I know, I know.
The new ideal is the most exciting.
The new ideal might get you more noticed.
The new ideal is more fun.
The new ideal,...
is the one you want to do now.


It's a new direction, a new emotion.
Which employs new knowledge,
new skills, and even new people.


All new things.
All new schemes.
Should be folded into the same box,
to support the old Dreams.

Longevity is always the execution of
Adding to, or revamping the old proven
works, with the new coolest trends.

Seeing the truth in a new way, a new style.

George Lucus didn't start one universe for
fantasy sword and sorcery and another
for Sci-fi space opera. He combined them
to make Star Wars.

Stevie Jobs didn't make one company for
personal computers, and another for iPhones,
iPads, and iPods. He folded them all
together to make a stronger company.

If your old ideas are good, don't abandon
them. Up grade them with the new hotness.
Send them into a new direction with your
new business ideas.

People will call you "new and improved,"
"fresh," and "innovative." You will set your
chosen industry afire, when you "add new
strength to the game."

They will began to follow you, instead of
you following them. And the more you do this,
the more you'll become your industry's leader.

So think outside the box by adding your
new business ideas to your old.
They will add you as one of their own.
They will add you to the... FOLD.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I get it.
I understand now.
You're just fighting to stay in the...Here.

I can't believe I don't see it before.
All the mood altering activities;
the clinging to social media,
the total focus during your favorite TV shows,
the lonely over eating,
the pushing away of others greedy needs.
the feverish substance abuse,
the sleeping in the middle of the day.
the dreaming.

Everyone expect you to "plug in" and be a
big success.

How can you fight to win,
when you can't even win the fight to stand up?

It because you see it don't you?
You see what we all, are all about.


You know.

Damn, you know that every single living being
on the Earth is about... Self.

And this hurts you, doesn't it?

All those times you pushed us away is not
because you didn't care. It's because you care
to much. Isn't it?

You're not the mean spirited brooder,
you're the heart broken romantic who's paralyzed
by the reality of Humanity's Truth, NO,
God's Truth.

That Pain and Selfishness is allowed,

In... the... Here.

Being Fair is a lie.
The sky is a lie.
Love... is a lie.

It's all a joke.

Why bother trying,
when they build you up,
they'll just tear you back down

Why bother impressing others,
they're just more greedy flesh and bones?

Because ALL things erode,
Why bother... staying.

I get it.
I understand now.
You're just fighting to stay in the...Here.

God dropped you into a world where,
everything that breaths, must eat something
else that lives. Then expects you to be
fine with it.

"Thou shall not kill."


"Thou shall not bear false witness."


"Thou shall never hurt each other's souls."


Yes, It's hard to stay in the "Here."
It's hard to Love in the "Here."
It's even harder to Win in the "Here."

So to cope, you stimulate you endorphins,
because some times, even daylight hurts.

So here is the question,...


You've been invited to the best game God
has going, REALITY!, and you've been
invited as a human, not a worm, or a chicken.

Your on top of the food chain and your

So God made a world that's 50%
fucked up! SO! That's God's issues, not yours!

Life is God's issue, not yours!

Your only concern on this fucked up mud ball
is to execute your Dream, and to have a few
loves and laughs, before you go.  So,...

If God wants you to bully to get it done, than Bully.
If  God wants you to study to hard, then study To HARD.
If God wants you to cheat to get it done, then Cheat.
If God wants you to work to hard, then Slave.
If God wants you to be alone to finish,... damn,...
grab your favorite stimulations, and do the
alone thing, but... Finish.


Be your Dream, not your Pain.

Win the Game.


I hope this make things some what more clear,
It's how ALL Winners deal with the...HERE.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Dammit, I've forgotten myself again.

It's constant, it never quits.
The distractions are masterful;
TV, Internet, Lover, Family, Maintance, Work,
and the worst of them all, my own other thoughts.

They all erode.
They all want attention.
They all pull me from my mission.
They all equal obscurity,
and this hurt me.

Obscurity is the Forever Hurt.

Every time I go into my "Deeper Self,"
one of life's little "erosions" knock me back
out again. Every time I actually reach the sky
to touch the Upper Glory, a jealous
Distraction Monster snatch my heel and
drag me back down.

To Earth.

To  normal,
to standard,
to ordinary,
to just "fitting in," never mattering.

This is discouraging, I'm going go get
some ice cream and watch TV.

Dammit, I've forgotten myself again.

Focus is not enough.
Focus is only strength in the moment,
not the over all.
No, I'll need to put safeguards in place
to shield me from forgetting my mission,
to shield me from... Erosion.

the biggest of the safeguards.
This old friend always put me back to
my train of thought.

the most realistic of the safeguards.
This commonsense sniper is a
master of killing off  Distraction Monsters.

the fastest of the safeguards.
This internal sprinter helps me chase
down fleeting thoughts before
they get away.

the smartest of all the safeguards.
This illustrious hacker will reboot my
program every time I reread my mission
statement or past works.

Now, let the battle begin.
With my crew at my back, my mission
has just been reinforced.
My Thoughts are tuned to incredible Focus.
I'm no longer afraid of losing my
train of thought.
Whatever I dream, I keep.
because now I'm well prepared
for the battle of...EROSION.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Take a look at what you've done.
In less than a hundred and fifty years,
Take a look at how far you've come.
Rising above all the back stabbings,
road blocks, and jeers.

They said your talk shows wouldn't matter,
        you "OPRAHed" them.
They said you couldn't fight,
        you "MUHAMMAD ALIed" them.
They said you couldn't fly,
        you "TUSKEGEE AIRMENed" them.
They said you couldn't ball,
        you "AIR JORDANed" them.
They said your music was to quaint,
        you "MICHEAL JACKSONed" them.
They said your style was not sexy,
        you "PRINCEd" them.
They said you weren't pretty,
        you "TYRA BANKSed" them.
They said you couldn't war,
        you "54th REGIMENTed" them.
They said you couldn't equal,...
        you "MARTIN LUTHER KINGed" them.

All History makers,
All at the top of their game,
All World Shakers.

Take a look at what you've done.
In less than a hundred and fifty years,
Take a look at how far you've come.
Rising above all the back stabbing,
road blocks, and jeers.

Do you remember?
Do you remember when they first pulled the
chains off of you after the Civil War?
Forty acres and a mule is the least they
could do for more than 300 years of profiting
off your pain, and it would've helped if they
actually paid it to you.

They stripped you of your Dignity,
to take away your will to run, or fight.
Then later, when they see some of you
embracing ignorance as a life style,
"Thug for life" they're shocked.

They stripped you of your Culture,
to take away your ability to pull together as
a family and resist their greed.
Then later, get puzzled on why some of you
can't see past the hood, or show a sense of

They stripped you of Love,
by selling off your family, so that they can
turn a profit [Breaking the connection].
Then later, scratch their heads when they
hear of Black on Black crime.

It took tens of generations for ALL humans
to install a sense of Dignity, Culture,
and Love. It took 15 generations for them to
breed it out of you. It'll take at lease 10
generations for you to breed it back in.

You are only six generations
free. You'll have to relearn all that was
stripped away, while keeping up with
the speed of this silly, yet wonderfully,
fast paced world of today.

Start owning your own stores again.
Chitlins are what your kidnappers used to feed you.
Whippings were how they trained you,
not their children.
Big booties, is from poor food, not African DNA.
Run from the ghetto as soon as possible.
"Keeping it real" means keeping from upgrading.
Attitudes only shows how hurt you are.
Abandon houses are not okay.
Drugs are only for those who know they're weak,
and can't handle it.
You can't buy dignity with jewelry, fancy clothes
and houses, only with bank accounts, good deeds,
and self respect.

They said you couldn't think,
        you "Dr.NEIL deGRASSE TYSONed" them.
           [sorry Pluto] :[
They said you weren't wholesome,
        you "COSBYed" them.
They couldn't lead.
         so of course you "OBAMAed" them.

More races enjoy civil rights because of you.
More nations express them selves better with
music because of you.
More people respect Blacks all around the world,
because of you.

America is stronger because of you.

Thank You.

Keep cranking out those World Shakers,
Keep the faith as your glories stack.
and don't be afraid to show the World,
that God's first color...was... BLACK.


Sunday, October 2, 2011


You are the Baddest People in the known Universe.
You are the Automobile.
You are the Computer.
You are the Airplane, Cellphone, and the Light bulb.

You are Modern Business,
Modern Math, Science, and Medicine.

You are... the Nuclear Bomb!

So tell me, with all of this going for you,
Why are you so afraid of the "Others"...
when They do well?

Pause,...Drop Your Defensiveness and reach for
Your Understanding.

Okay, here we go...

I can't watch television without seeing every
other commercial or TV show with a person of color,
being put down, showed up, face down on the
ground, taking a fall, being called stupid,
not good enough,or told to shut up.

I can't seem to find a TV drama focused on
people of color after 9pm. In the movies, of course
they always kill minority first. That's only if  the
minority isn't playing the "best friend", the comic
relief, the hard-ass, or the Imbecile.

All of these things I'm sure you've heard
before. The "white people are crazy" sidekick,
always get a few laughs. But do you really
think that casting an Indian person as your
dogs-body,  or casting an African American
to worry more about your life than you do,
puts you in a good light? When your Grand
Children look back on these times will
they be proud to be White?

You are the Baddest People in the known Universe.

Must you cast, Cleopatra, Hannibal, and
Genghis Khan as one of your own? Yes I know
"everyone paints God in their own image" but, if
you continue to do this, You Will Lose Your
Grip On the International Narrative. All of Your
works will Not be remembered or respected
by History. Your Hollywood power base is
already shrinking, If you don't start romancing the
Truth with in this generation, it Will Die.

And any Historian will tell you, If you aren't the
ones dictating History, You will be Victims of it's
New Liars. Respect Everyone elses contributions
and you won't get seriously Challenged.

The Pyramids were not created by Aliens.
Jesus is from the Middle East Not Italy.
People of Color have Skill as well as Talent.
Most Other Peoples Don't see you as the Devil.
You are not God's gift, just head of the Class.
You're already Cool, or you wouldn't be at the Top.
Your body odor smells just as off to them
as theirs do to you.
Yes they are jealous of you, but they love you too.
No, you don't have to be a Real estate Coward
just because one of "Them" moved in.
And yes, it's fun to live in the Big City :]

These are words of love, please store them
as such, for you are one of the best 
strengths of humanity.

White women, don't let anyone tell you that you
are not Good mothers, because you nurtured
your babies to lead the World!

White Men, Don't let anyone tell you that you
can't jump, because you built the Sport, the
Stadium, and the Networks to view it, from Space.
Now that's a Jump!

You took humanity to more than just the next level.

Thank You.

You are the Baddest People in the known Universe.

Remember to cut your smooth on at all times.
Help the "Others" find their wings when you can.
And if you can't at least Don't get in Their Way.
Jealousy is beneath you.
Remember that you are love.
And that God is watching you.
So Show the Children of the future, past, and present,
how Cool it is to be... WHITE.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm tired of being poor, fat, and
I'm tired of knowing that I should
be on the A-List, but wake each day
to a dirty house, while sweating my bills.
I'm tired of disappointing my potential fans.
I'm tired of not being The Star when
I walk into any room.
I'm tired of fast food, TV, and self lust.

I'm tired of ...Doubt,'s played out.

Greatness is my Slavery
with Magnanimous Flow.
Giving Inspiration to All,
...who witness me Glow.

Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich,"
said that transmuting to riches takes a
White Hot, Intense Burning Desire.

Well, I've said Good-bye to Life.
Good-bye to Normal.
Good-bye to Fear.
I AM my Dream now.
I AM total Desire.

I will begin by Killing Doubt,
countering each negative thought with a
Postive [especially in the mirror].
I will drop All negative people
out of my precious time, life, and

Then I will Cut the Fat.
Anything that is not worthy of my
Mansion will have to go.
All the unused clutter,
All the unhealthy eating,
All of my failure habits.

Next, I will Lock in my Future.
First I will plan my make over.
Hair, Clothes, and New Charm
Habits. Then I will place several New
Outfits in lay-away. All at the new
waist size I will be when I get them out.

My last preparation is to Cocoon.
These little caterpillar will work on it's
new Dances, Correct English, new
smiles, new Negative Social Restraint,
New Works, and new Website,
while shaking hands, and kissing babies,
to amass a new Fan Base.

Greatness is my Slavery
with Magnanimous Flow.
Giving Inspiration to All,
...who witness me Glow.

Finally, I will Emerge from my
cocoon, Smoother, Nicer, Cooler,
more accomplished, and more,
Adored. Butterflying over all of my
detractors, Giving God a good show.
Opportunity is now my lover,
as it watches me...GLOW.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


There is higher ground.

If you are not being loved enough.
If you are not being heard enough.
If you know you really have
something to say.
If you know that you can help
Humanity Grow.

There is Higher Ground.

God has put into Our rhythm,
The Art of Actually Being Heard.
The Art of Swaying the Masses,
The Art of Supreme ...Validation.

Fame is the State of having a Good
Reputation with a large number of people.
This State usually motivates the average
rank and file to hold you in better
esteem then themselves.

The Smiles, the Parties, the Sex,
the free Meals, the Gifts, and the Money,
can all be yours if you just "Live"
this formula...

Whatever you choose to do,
get it to a Professional Level.

Be Different make sure to stick out,
but Positively.

Be Bold, show them no
regrets for your choices, [The Masses
always like to live Vicariously
through others].

Find a Big Pedestal, a place where a large
number of people can see you,
then display Your Works.

Lastly Be Consistant, because if
you are showing that you are going
to be around for awhile, then it's okay
for them to go head and invest in you.

There is Higher Ground.

And those of us who ARE our
Dreams will Seize it,
with fantastic dexterity, Glory,
Riches, and...FAME.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Failure will stop at nothing to be your lover.
Obscurity is the house in which Failure resides.
Free-Spirit is it's car, alcohol is it's gas. 
Drugs is it's Party, and Overeating is it's sex.

Good times to one and all who follow this path.
With no allegiance to anyone or anything,
the Skies of Stimulation are open wide,
ready to embrace you with the arms of ALL
THAT NEVER WAS.  Failure leaves the
real Glory to it's miserable sibling...

...Pause...Smile...Okay here we Go.

Freedom doesn't mean you can do what you
want whenever you want, Freedom doesn't 
mean you don't have work to please your lover.
Freedom doesn't mean you have the right to
abandon your Lifes Work.
...Freedom means that

You are a Slave to keeping up your clothes.
You are a Slave maintaining your lover.
You are a Slave to your house chores.
You're a Slave to your bills, which makes
you a Slave to work.

Freedom is the right to chose;
your lover, your house, your clothes,
your bills. Your Life's Work.
And once you chose them,
Slave them well.

Never let anyone tell you that you
should be free of something you wish
to do well.

"Free of it", equals the choice to quit.
Quitting means you let Failure in to
your Bed.

But all of this is mere Maintenance.
A necessary evil in God"s World.
However we are here to talk about your
last evil, The Great Maintenance,

To acquire the "Final Glory" there can be no
freedom from it. You must Slave your days
away to maintain it. Immortality isn't for
the timid. You must Slave your Dream
with Great Strength and diligence.
Always be on guard from that stranger
Failure, waving it's candy to you from a
smelly car. ...[that nasty motherf...]

Madonna, Bruce lee, Benjamin Franklin,
Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr.,
were all locked in the cell with their
Dream, being it's bitch, with no payroll.

History Loves them for this, and Our
Lives are better for it. So our hats are
off to History's DreamSlaves, Past,
Present, and Future. May they never
find their...FREEDOM.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Always follow your Dreams, is what "they"
always say.

Then when you do, "they" won't tell you How.

Hurdle one.

Then, when you do, Your own
people won't support you.
"Your Own receives you not." ...Smile,
stay clam.

Hurdle two. 

Welcome to the World of Trail Blazing,
where no one can know Your path but You.
...Fear of the unknown is...

Hurdle three.

Haters come with Great ethusiasm, Fantastic
Low self esteem, and an Epic Fear of you
winning. Showing them a mirrior will only
make you look like the bad guy. You'll
have to suck it up and Not return fire
as you jump...

Hurdle four.

 Knowledge seeking for your path becomes fun
after awhile. Knowing more than "they" ever
will, moves you to the front of the class.
Your rhythm has hit it's stride by the time
you clear...

Hurdle five. the biggest Bitch of them all.
It'll attack you When your alone, It'll
attack you when you're with a group.
If you're not careful, it'll come in while
you're asleep and attack you in your dreams.
Conquering your self is...

Hurdle six.

While getting your paperwork to gether, and 
learning the does and don'ts of your
business, you look over to the next lane,
and notice one of your competitors have
dropped out. There's always casualites
when things get tough. For every
difficulty another loser will beg off.
Your Persistance is thinning the herd at...

Hurdle seven.

Winning can be shocking if you don't think
you deserve it. Realize that you earned
this, even if it came easy. God chose You
to have it. So...the Guilt of Winning is a
silliness you need to get over.

Your putting money up for your retirement.
Your giving to the poor.
Your laughing at all the haters as you leap...

Hurdle eight.

The finish line...
is just the begining of
a New Race.
A New set of ...Hurdles.

Monday, August 29, 2011


What does it take to be a Genius?

Hard work?

A Great Mind?

Pushy Parents?


It takes DEATH.
You have to be willing to die if you can't sit at the
table with the World's best in your field.
Death or the world's best is your only options.
Death to a clean house.
Death to being a real family member.
Death to small talk, [a waste of time and mind].
Death to hygiene, [until It's time to sell your Ideals].
Death to being a dependable lover.
Death to viewing the world like "They" do.
If you ever noticed, most Geniuses
spend a lot of their time in their own heads
constantly problem solving  things others
are afraid to even look at.
They are so focused that they tend
to shut out their own humanity in trade for
Immortal Understanding.
The dishes can wait. The toothbrush can wait. The lover...
All Geniuses Brave through True Knowledge alone.
Never truly being surrounded by their "equals".
Never truly loving out loud,
unless Love..., is their chosen Immortal Understanding.
Genius has always been considered "close to crazy",
because it is. Anyone who is that focused,
would be out of rhythm with the rest of the world.
Anyone that focus will lose their world.

However, GOD has a long memory, and History has
a long Book.
Both will always remember... those who tried Harder.

So...Sacrifice, and get your Genius On.
Because to Win the World,
the world must wait.
All audiences must wait for their Star to hit the stage.
All theaters can only hold one Headliner at a time.

So take the time to finish your homework.
And grace the stage well.
Always come professional.
Always acknowledge those who came before you.
Add Ideals from other fields of study, and
Play humble but be Ambitious.
It'll make you look like...a Genius.