Sunday, May 13, 2012


Compete with this,
fore in this, you have no true competition.

They may be smarter than you.
They may be more talented than you.
They may have more contacts than you.
They may have more money than you.
Hell,... they may be better than you.

However, No one can be you, but you.
No one can share your point of view but you.

After all, God chose you to see your point of view
for Humanity.
God chose you to teach your point of view to Humanity.

Compete with your point of view,
for it is your only saving grace.

God didn't hire them to say it.
God hired you.

Even if you are of great funds,
Even if they are of great funds,
The only thing that will set you apart
from all others,
the only thing that History will record,
the only thing that God will remember,
is your Interesting, Unique, Human touching,
Hard won, God given...VOICE.