Sunday, March 25, 2012


Violence never solves anything.


Violence...  solves... everthing!

Violence solved Hitler.
Violence solved Slavery.
Violence solved The Red Coats.
Violence solved Bonnie & Clyde.
Violence solved Bin Laden.

So you can't tell me that Violence
doesn't work.

The threat of Violence keeps me
from going off on you.
The threat of Violence keeps you
from going off on me.

If you refuse to obey the law time
and again, the Law is going to give
you the gift of it's Violence.

Violence is ratings.
Violence is sexy.
Violence is the cream of any movie.
Violence is video game heaven.

Hell when the Universe was made,
[Big Bang!] it was an act of Violence.

...Sex is Violent.

Make no mistake, Violence Works.

Yeap, Violence is a real Bitch.
In fact it's a pregnant one.
That's right, Violence always come
with another little problem that Grows.

Baby- After WWII we had to help
          everyone get on their feet, and
          are now called on to take the
          expence of policing the  World.

Baby- After The Civil War we had to
          suffer reconstruction with only
          half of the nations sons.

Baby- After The Revolutionary War,
          we had to fend for our selfs, with
          no nation backing us up, for a long

Baby- Bonnie & Clyde's legends just
          keep getting bigger, and
          spawning more copy cats.

Baby- Bin Laden was the hero of a
          people who has proven to
          drop acts of vegence for
          hundreds of years.


That bitch is always pregnant.

Think about it.
Every time you saw a situation that
got Violent, friendships evaporated,
property destroyed, trust broken,
and lives lost.

The baby is much younger than the
mother so, it always last longer.

Violence always stop the immediate
problem, but it always cause a longer,
newer one.

So take a pause
with future sense.
Beware, that pregnant