Sunday, March 18, 2012


The answer, is always The Hours.

Always remember... The Hours.

If you ever want to know, count
The Hours.

If your so smart than why aren't your rich?
If your so big than why aren't you a fighter?
If your so pretty than why aren't you famous?
If your so educated than why aren't you
If your such  romantic than why aren't you
with someone?
If your sooo nice, than why don't you have

What do you do with The Hours of your

If your always seeking knowledge, than
you have no Hours for seeking richness.

If your always focusing on the everyday
than you have no Hours for Fame.

Trade your in Hours for the Upper Glory.

If you throw an Hour a day into your Dream,
you will be an Hour closer to it.

There may be only 1,242 hours between you
and your Dream.

How many Hours have you already cashed in
for it?

A Dream simply cost Hours, that's all.
How smart you are, or how pretty you are,
or how well connected you are, only alters
how many Hours it'll take to get there.

Beauty may reduce 400 Hours.
Brains may reduce 200 Hours.
Connections may reduce it by 900.

So as you look up the mountain to see
the eagles soar, remember not to cower.
You to can learn to fly,
the only barrier is the...HOURS.