Monday, June 11, 2012


Video games.
Do you like video games?
I like video games.

They are full of puzzles, death pits, enemy horeds,
mazes, and evil bosses, yum.

All of whom are tring to stop you from gettting to
your goals.

Donuts, Flatscreens, pizza, alcohol, porn,
a weekend to remember, polishing your horn :]

Death pit, you won't get that time back.

Your suppose to tap the button twice to leap
over death pits. The funny thing is, when you leap,
you get higher for a moment. You get closer to
God, if just for a moment.

Doing God's work has a way of making us all high.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a religious nut.
If you talk to me, I don't talk about God all day,
but if you watch me, I work for God all day :]


War, rape, hunger, homlessness,  child abuse,
heart disease, drugs, racism, player haters.
When you look around, life is as silly as a
video game.
Full of unnecessary and unheavenly things.
Are they there to strengthen or "character" for the
battle in the next realm?, oops, I meant next level?


Family, life's work, love for self, peace with God,
When you look around, doesn't it seem silly to gain
all these lessons and skills,
just to lose them when we die?
I don't think God is that silly. I mean God did create
the platypus, so there is a silly streak, but,
I don't think that music, poetry, romance, and love,
is needed for survival in this realm. Sorry, level.

I think that we are suppose to gain in degrees
of these powers for the next level.


Jealousy, hate, money, sex, following the crowd,
seems a lot smaller now.
We need to take care what we do here,
it'll matters more than we know,
that's my suspicion.
We need to learn to devalue the importance
of all these silly...OPPOSITIONS.