Sunday, August 5, 2012


Let them make you over.

Be their fantasy.

Be their lover.

Be their god.

Bigger than Life, is your only option.
Royality, is your only style.
Superstar is your only now.

Let their needs make you over.

Do your hair the way they need you to.
Do your face the way they like to see it.
Do your clothes, voice, walk, and smile
like a hero.

Dress up for the camera.
Play god for the camera.
Never walk out the door without
dressing for the camera.


Give them what they want.
Let your body be their canvas.
Because, if you look the part,
and if you act the part, they have no choice
but to cast you in the part.

No one cast soldiers as an  artist,
they only cast an artist as an Artist.
If you play the part of an Artist, and only an
Artist, they can only see you as such.

Embrace this like your future depend on it.

Become their ideal.
Become the Idol for your FANatics.
And no matter what you'll do,
they'll think it's best.
no matter what you demand from them...
they'll say,... YES.