Sunday, October 2, 2011


You are the Baddest People in the known Universe.
You are the Automobile.
You are the Computer.
You are the Airplane, Cellphone, and the Light bulb.

You are Modern Business,
Modern Math, Science, and Medicine.

You are... the Nuclear Bomb!

So tell me, with all of this going for you,
Why are you so afraid of the "Others"...
when They do well?

Pause,...Drop Your Defensiveness and reach for
Your Understanding.

Okay, here we go...

I can't watch television without seeing every
other commercial or TV show with a person of color,
being put down, showed up, face down on the
ground, taking a fall, being called stupid,
not good enough,or told to shut up.

I can't seem to find a TV drama focused on
people of color after 9pm. In the movies, of course
they always kill minority first. That's only if  the
minority isn't playing the "best friend", the comic
relief, the hard-ass, or the Imbecile.

All of these things I'm sure you've heard
before. The "white people are crazy" sidekick,
always get a few laughs. But do you really
think that casting an Indian person as your
dogs-body,  or casting an African American
to worry more about your life than you do,
puts you in a good light? When your Grand
Children look back on these times will
they be proud to be White?

You are the Baddest People in the known Universe.

Must you cast, Cleopatra, Hannibal, and
Genghis Khan as one of your own? Yes I know
"everyone paints God in their own image" but, if
you continue to do this, You Will Lose Your
Grip On the International Narrative. All of Your
works will Not be remembered or respected
by History. Your Hollywood power base is
already shrinking, If you don't start romancing the
Truth with in this generation, it Will Die.

And any Historian will tell you, If you aren't the
ones dictating History, You will be Victims of it's
New Liars. Respect Everyone elses contributions
and you won't get seriously Challenged.

The Pyramids were not created by Aliens.
Jesus is from the Middle East Not Italy.
People of Color have Skill as well as Talent.
Most Other Peoples Don't see you as the Devil.
You are not God's gift, just head of the Class.
You're already Cool, or you wouldn't be at the Top.
Your body odor smells just as off to them
as theirs do to you.
Yes they are jealous of you, but they love you too.
No, you don't have to be a Real estate Coward
just because one of "Them" moved in.
And yes, it's fun to live in the Big City :]

These are words of love, please store them
as such, for you are one of the best 
strengths of humanity.

White women, don't let anyone tell you that you
are not Good mothers, because you nurtured
your babies to lead the World!

White Men, Don't let anyone tell you that you
can't jump, because you built the Sport, the
Stadium, and the Networks to view it, from Space.
Now that's a Jump!

You took humanity to more than just the next level.

Thank You.

You are the Baddest People in the known Universe.

Remember to cut your smooth on at all times.
Help the "Others" find their wings when you can.
And if you can't at least Don't get in Their Way.
Jealousy is beneath you.
Remember that you are love.
And that God is watching you.
So Show the Children of the future, past, and present,
how Cool it is to be... WHITE.


  1. Your commentary on White is anything, but vanilla. You critique without condemning and praise without blindly worshiping. You give credit where it's due as well as blame. As always there is truth to your words and even though it's titled, "White" it's a read for everyone. Next week, Black. Touching the world one culture at a time, Quin? I'm interested in seeing what other parts of the rainbow you write about!

  2. I don't think we should judge people until we've got to know them well enough to see a little of what's on the inside as well as what's on the surface. That's not easy to do, but I try.

  3. your words portray verity. we are insecure beings and often forget we are the best of all creations in legacy, a particular shade of skin doesnt make one better than the other or worse than the other, this thought is not needed. what is needed is to know we are humans with intellect and inference, which would shape what we desire to be.

  4. interesting..I enjoyed the over-all idea of this post it just seemed tiny harsh in some areas. But I still liked it:)

  5. The Truth always seems a bit harsh at first.
    But this Post came from a place of Real Love.

  6. Yea, truth hurts sometimes, but it has to be told


You are very kind :]