Friday, November 11, 2011


The Logistics of breathing is Taxing.


I beckon you, come fall on me like rain and
release me from my plight.


Where are you?
You where suppose to pick me up on the
conner of  troubles and pain.


The food I had to eat today made me feel bad
again. I grew lethargic, couldn't work on my
Dreams. I had to go to bed early, because of you!


My car wouldn't start today. I need a new starter.
My retired Mother couldn't afford a car so this was Our
only means of travel. The neighbors were so busy
fighting over your absents, that I couldn't get their help.
[I never liked them anyway].


I had to pay for a tow truck to get my car to the shop.
Pay for a cab to get from the shop because they
couldn't get to my car for two days, Two Days!
I guess in these times everyone is trying to hold on
to their current wheels, so everyone is nursing their
current wheels.


After having to pay for a cab both ways, buy a new
starter, pay the mechanic to put it on, I was then told
That I couldn't have my car until I paid the two day
lot fee for storing it :[

I didn't have it. I had to walk to my Mothers house,
Across town, borrow more money from her, and
then catch a cab before the shop closed. Oh did I
mention, I was getting in the car originally to find
a job.

Money...Your a real Bitch!

And now that my car is fixed, I'm going to find
out where you live, show up at your door,
and after your selfish ass answers, I'm gonna
knock thefuuuck! Out of you! Then turn you
around and turn you in to My Bitch!

So when people see you on the street working
for, no, hoeing for me,... They will say, Yo!
Big Time. How much do it cost to get a
piece of Your...MONEY.


  1. As they say, "Have it work for you, Instead of you for it."

  2. Yeah, I'm gonna get mean with money.

  3. Money makes the world go round. Oh, but to have it enter my pockets as easily as the air I breathe. It does however expel from my pockets like carbon monoxide from my lungs. I either need bigger lungs or learn to hold my breath longer, methinks. Or better yet, become so important that I become the air that money breathes. Now, THAT would be rich!


You are very kind :]