Thursday, December 1, 2011


for it's the best that they can do.

Pay real close attention to their details.
Research the technology they use.
The cool thing about big dogs is that  they
bully you with their technology because they
can afford it, and you can't, but you are closer
to the pulse of the people.
You can tap buyers emotions more throughly.
Your small enough to move with whim of culture.
While the big dogs debate how to amass
their great resources.

They can't do better,
they have reached their Threshold.
All you have to do is better it.

for it's the best that they can do.

The works that they hit the public with is the
best that they can buy.

The best that they can think of.

The best that they'll ever be.

All you need to do is break them down
piece by piece.

Check their hair, do yours better.
Check their cloths, do yours better.
Check their products, and add your on style.
Check their advertising, touch people more.

And if it's Art your in to, Rejoice.
Artist are the only people on earth whose
industry is based on individuality.

No two artist are the same, or should be
the same. So only you can have your

Just make sure that your art has some
survival for your audience.

All jobs that pay, caters to the survival
of the customer.

The more you cater,
the more they will pay you.

because you know that you are going to be
the highest survival for your customers.

And this will bring you to Riches.
This will bring you to Fame.
This will bring you to Power.
This will bring you to
a new... THRESHOLD. 


  1. When you're on the threshold of greatness, never forget the door can swing both ways. Never forget where you came from, but never abandon your dreams. Let the stars be the stepping stones to your goals.


You are very kind :]