Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's a question of their self worth.

They want to know, no, need to know your
backround, your education, your linage.

You can't just be well read and naturally smart.
They think you have to pay someone to help
you read the books that anyone can check out
from the library.

When the turth is, they have to pay someone
to help them  interpret the books of knowledge
that anyone can get to.

They need someone to validate their self worth.
They need someone to let them know that
they are worthy, intelligent, and should be let in.

They need to know that they have... permission
to fly.

Remember anyone who harpes on your Pedigree
is looking for their own self worth, because they
needed someone else to say that they matter,
so, who are you to be any different?

You are the real talent,
with toughts unhampered by others politcal
You are the true skill,
whos works are not caged by others low
self esteem needs.

God has already blessed you with new
foresight to succeed,
so don't let their fears make you doubt your
genius... your natural... PEDIGREE.

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  1. Another insightful view of thought from you, Quin. Thanks and keep them coming!


You are very kind :]