Sunday, May 27, 2012


Make no mistake, it is ownership.

You own it,
it Owns you.
You own them,
they Own you.

As you walk through life, you are gifted with belongings.
As you walk through life, you pick up new belongings.

My car,
My bed,
My parent,
My sibling,
My friends,
...My lover.

"Ownership of property may be private, collective, or common and the property may be objects, land/real estate or intellectual property. Determining ownership in law involves determining who has certain rights and duties over the property. These rights and duties, sometimes called a 'bundle of rights', can be separated and held by different parties."

All this is true, but what they don't tell you is that people
fit under this same definition.

You have both "rights and duties" in every single
relationship you hold dear.

You have the right to have your family protect you,
your friends support you, and your lover hold there sex
exclusively for you.

You Own their sex.
You Own their future chilren.
You Own a big part of their love here on Earth.

I say this not as a egotistical rant about how much
is due you, but as caution,
of  how much you are due them.

Becareful of who you let Own a piece of you.
Becareful of who you give your sex rights to,
your, shoulder to cry on rights to,
your, I'll stick my neck out for you, rights to.
Becareful of who you take responseblity for.

Because if you don't take the time to choose wisely,
all of their problems you will now...OWN. 


  1. Responsibility, love, respect, loyalty and trust. To take care of what's yours(and sometimes what is not) and to receive these in return. To give freely of yourself, through faith, hope and courage not stupidly or willy-nilly. To each their own. Nicely done, Quin!

  2. Intellectual sustenance as usual. Great and deliciously expressed message.


You are very kind :]