Sunday, July 22, 2012


All real relationships are built over time.
All well loved romances, reach a fever pitch.
All great symphonies climax to a fantastic,...

So too must your love affairs,
so too must your Art,
so too, must the sales of your Art.

In order to have a whirlwind love affair,
one must make romantically generous
memories, one kiss at a time. 
In order to really insure sales,
one must whip the public up into a frenzy.
In order to keep the World remembering you,
they must have several examples of your


One of your works will show your smart.
One of your works will show your sexy.
One of your works will show you relate.
One of your works will show that you
know how to have fun,
But all of your works will show that
you are Great!

Build a master plan.
Just when they think that you are done,
hit 'em even harder with newer,
stronger works.

Remind them with your eyes,
not your mouth, that you are the better
part of Their lifes.

You are destined to be remembered.
You are destined to be great.
It's time to bring joyful tears to their eyes.
It's time to let them know,... CRESCENDO.


  1. Getting ready for YOUR crescendo, Quin as more and more people view your works and take your words to heart? Another thoughtful prose another view on life another page added to The Lexicon of Immortality. Good work!


You are very kind :]