Monday, August 29, 2011


What does it take to be a Genius?

Hard work?

A Great Mind?

Pushy Parents?


It takes DEATH.
You have to be willing to die if you can't sit at the
table with the World's best in your field.
Death or the world's best is your only options.
Death to a clean house.
Death to being a real family member.
Death to small talk, [a waste of time and mind].
Death to hygiene, [until It's time to sell your Ideals].
Death to being a dependable lover.
Death to viewing the world like "They" do.
If you ever noticed, most Geniuses
spend a lot of their time in their own heads
constantly problem solving  things others
are afraid to even look at.
They are so focused that they tend
to shut out their own humanity in trade for
Immortal Understanding.
The dishes can wait. The toothbrush can wait. The lover...
All Geniuses Brave through True Knowledge alone.
Never truly being surrounded by their "equals".
Never truly loving out loud,
unless Love..., is their chosen Immortal Understanding.
Genius has always been considered "close to crazy",
because it is. Anyone who is that focused,
would be out of rhythm with the rest of the world.
Anyone that focus will lose their world.

However, GOD has a long memory, and History has
a long Book.
Both will always remember... those who tried Harder.

So...Sacrifice, and get your Genius On.
Because to Win the World,
the world must wait.
All audiences must wait for their Star to hit the stage.
All theaters can only hold one Headliner at a time.

So take the time to finish your homework.
And grace the stage well.
Always come professional.
Always acknowledge those who came before you.
Add Ideals from other fields of study, and
Play humble but be Ambitious.
It'll make you look like...a Genius.


  1. Wonderful. Now I understand myself more.

  2. It would take a genius to look at things the way you do, Quin!

  3. I never get tired of reading this. It puts dedication into perspective incredibly well


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