Sunday, September 4, 2011


Always follow your Dreams, is what "they"
always say.

Then when you do, "they" won't tell you How.

Hurdle one.

Then, when you do, Your own
people won't support you.
"Your Own receives you not." ...Smile,
stay clam.

Hurdle two. 

Welcome to the World of Trail Blazing,
where no one can know Your path but You.
...Fear of the unknown is...

Hurdle three.

Haters come with Great ethusiasm, Fantastic
Low self esteem, and an Epic Fear of you
winning. Showing them a mirrior will only
make you look like the bad guy. You'll
have to suck it up and Not return fire
as you jump...

Hurdle four.

 Knowledge seeking for your path becomes fun
after awhile. Knowing more than "they" ever
will, moves you to the front of the class.
Your rhythm has hit it's stride by the time
you clear...

Hurdle five. the biggest Bitch of them all.
It'll attack you When your alone, It'll
attack you when you're with a group.
If you're not careful, it'll come in while
you're asleep and attack you in your dreams.
Conquering your self is...

Hurdle six.

While getting your paperwork to gether, and 
learning the does and don'ts of your
business, you look over to the next lane,
and notice one of your competitors have
dropped out. There's always casualites
when things get tough. For every
difficulty another loser will beg off.
Your Persistance is thinning the herd at...

Hurdle seven.

Winning can be shocking if you don't think
you deserve it. Realize that you earned
this, even if it came easy. God chose You
to have it. So...the Guilt of Winning is a
silliness you need to get over.

Your putting money up for your retirement.
Your giving to the poor.
Your laughing at all the haters as you leap...

Hurdle eight.

The finish line...
is just the begining of
a New Race.
A New set of ...Hurdles.


  1. Hurdles are the speed bumps of life to your goals. Will you jump over them? Run thru them? Run around them? Or run away from them? More health food for thought from the mystery man wrapped in a rainbow sprinkled with gold!


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