Sunday, October 30, 2011


I know, I know.
The new ideal is the most exciting.
The new ideal might get you more noticed.
The new ideal is more fun.
The new ideal,...
is the one you want to do now.


It's a new direction, a new emotion.
Which employs new knowledge,
new skills, and even new people.


All new things.
All new schemes.
Should be folded into the same box,
to support the old Dreams.

Longevity is always the execution of
Adding to, or revamping the old proven
works, with the new coolest trends.

Seeing the truth in a new way, a new style.

George Lucus didn't start one universe for
fantasy sword and sorcery and another
for Sci-fi space opera. He combined them
to make Star Wars.

Stevie Jobs didn't make one company for
personal computers, and another for iPhones,
iPads, and iPods. He folded them all
together to make a stronger company.

If your old ideas are good, don't abandon
them. Up grade them with the new hotness.
Send them into a new direction with your
new business ideas.

People will call you "new and improved,"
"fresh," and "innovative." You will set your
chosen industry afire, when you "add new
strength to the game."

They will began to follow you, instead of
you following them. And the more you do this,
the more you'll become your industry's leader.

So think outside the box by adding your
new business ideas to your old.
They will add you as one of their own.
They will add you to the... FOLD.


  1. Ah! I see you have a penchant for baking, Quin. Many good recipes tell you the ONLY way to get the ingredients right for that special occasion is to FOLD them in with the others. To carefully incorporate it all together, so everything will gel and not turn into an uneven, lumpy mess. So, according to you the recipe(at least one of them) for success is folding, which will help your GENIUS to GLOW and your FAME to ERODE the HURDLES in your way so, that you will have the FREEDOM to do what must be done in the HERE and now. Seems pretty BLACK and WHITE if you ask me.


You are very kind :]