Sunday, October 23, 2011


I get it.
I understand now.
You're just fighting to stay in the...Here.

I can't believe I don't see it before.
All the mood altering activities;
the clinging to social media,
the total focus during your favorite TV shows,
the lonely over eating,
the pushing away of others greedy needs.
the feverish substance abuse,
the sleeping in the middle of the day.
the dreaming.

Everyone expect you to "plug in" and be a
big success.

How can you fight to win,
when you can't even win the fight to stand up?

It because you see it don't you?
You see what we all, are all about.


You know.

Damn, you know that every single living being
on the Earth is about... Self.

And this hurts you, doesn't it?

All those times you pushed us away is not
because you didn't care. It's because you care
to much. Isn't it?

You're not the mean spirited brooder,
you're the heart broken romantic who's paralyzed
by the reality of Humanity's Truth, NO,
God's Truth.

That Pain and Selfishness is allowed,

In... the... Here.

Being Fair is a lie.
The sky is a lie.
Love... is a lie.

It's all a joke.

Why bother trying,
when they build you up,
they'll just tear you back down

Why bother impressing others,
they're just more greedy flesh and bones?

Because ALL things erode,
Why bother... staying.

I get it.
I understand now.
You're just fighting to stay in the...Here.

God dropped you into a world where,
everything that breaths, must eat something
else that lives. Then expects you to be
fine with it.

"Thou shall not kill."


"Thou shall not bear false witness."


"Thou shall never hurt each other's souls."


Yes, It's hard to stay in the "Here."
It's hard to Love in the "Here."
It's even harder to Win in the "Here."

So to cope, you stimulate you endorphins,
because some times, even daylight hurts.

So here is the question,...


You've been invited to the best game God
has going, REALITY!, and you've been
invited as a human, not a worm, or a chicken.

Your on top of the food chain and your

So God made a world that's 50%
fucked up! SO! That's God's issues, not yours!

Life is God's issue, not yours!

Your only concern on this fucked up mud ball
is to execute your Dream, and to have a few
loves and laughs, before you go.  So,...

If God wants you to bully to get it done, than Bully.
If  God wants you to study to hard, then study To HARD.
If God wants you to cheat to get it done, then Cheat.
If God wants you to work to hard, then Slave.
If God wants you to be alone to finish,... damn,...
grab your favorite stimulations, and do the
alone thing, but... Finish.


Be your Dream, not your Pain.

Win the Game.


I hope this make things some what more clear,
It's how ALL Winners deal with the...HERE.


  1. Here! Here! To not rush our end, but to endure and overcome. To be, not to not be is the statement. We'll have forever in the hereafter, but The Here is always so short. Savor it, shape it and make it last.


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