Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm tired of being poor, fat, and
I'm tired of knowing that I should
be on the A-List, but wake each day
to a dirty house, while sweating my bills.
I'm tired of disappointing my potential fans.
I'm tired of not being The Star when
I walk into any room.
I'm tired of fast food, TV, and self lust.

I'm tired of ...Doubt,'s played out.

Greatness is my Slavery
with Magnanimous Flow.
Giving Inspiration to All,
...who witness me Glow.

Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich,"
said that transmuting to riches takes a
White Hot, Intense Burning Desire.

Well, I've said Good-bye to Life.
Good-bye to Normal.
Good-bye to Fear.
I AM my Dream now.
I AM total Desire.

I will begin by Killing Doubt,
countering each negative thought with a
Postive [especially in the mirror].
I will drop All negative people
out of my precious time, life, and

Then I will Cut the Fat.
Anything that is not worthy of my
Mansion will have to go.
All the unused clutter,
All the unhealthy eating,
All of my failure habits.

Next, I will Lock in my Future.
First I will plan my make over.
Hair, Clothes, and New Charm
Habits. Then I will place several New
Outfits in lay-away. All at the new
waist size I will be when I get them out.

My last preparation is to Cocoon.
These little caterpillar will work on it's
new Dances, Correct English, new
smiles, new Negative Social Restraint,
New Works, and new Website,
while shaking hands, and kissing babies,
to amass a new Fan Base.

Greatness is my Slavery
with Magnanimous Flow.
Giving Inspiration to All,
...who witness me Glow.

Finally, I will Emerge from my
cocoon, Smoother, Nicer, Cooler,
more accomplished, and more,
Adored. Butterflying over all of my
detractors, Giving God a good show.
Opportunity is now my lover,
as it watches me...GLOW.


  1. I'm tired of loving the person who is taken already ^_^

  2. Nice. We should all strive to be great in some way. :-)

    Fickle Cattle

  3. hEY THAT IS THE MOST HONEST BEAUTIFUL THING i HAVE READ IN A VERY LONG TIME!!!!! You are a very talented creative person!!!!! I would love to follow your blog and would be honoured if you would follow mine!!!!

  4. Quin, you've already started your journey from a simple gas to a rising star as you continue to gather acclaim from both near and far. You adorn yourself with the positive parts of life while casting off the dirt of regret, poverty, misery and strife. May you burn brighter than any candle and longer than any star. May the path you choose carry both you and those you inspire ever upward and forever far.

  5. Thank you G-man. For your everlasting support.

  6. Nice one. I love it. thanks for dropping by my blog. Liz

  7. Very nice work! :) Thanks for the visit! Are you on deviantArt?

  8. Cool blog! :) This entry has a very deep meaning..
    Followed you back

  9. Loved this... It's inspiring :) Thanks for coming by my blog! Following back! Through the Eyes of a Tiger


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