Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's never against someone else.

It is always against myself.

When I'm struggling to be heard,
I'm fighting for self esteem.

When I'm throwing punches in the street,
I'm fighting for self respect. 

When I'm tussling with the bills,
I'm fighting for financial discipline.

When I'm scuffling with the choirs,
I'm fighting against my lazyness.

When I'm hitting a new diet,
I'm fighting for my health.

It's not about you, It's me.
I'm hurting you to upgrade me.

You're hurting me to upgrade you.
They're hurting us to upgrade them.

Now that I understand, my motivations,
my weekness, my... sillyness,
I can focus better by picking my battles,
instead of them exposing me.

I can leave all the silly folk alone in
silly ville, and get to my glory
much faster,
much smoother.

After all, the upper glory is my right.
And your not allowed to drag me down
in your...FIGHT.


  1. Very true, Quin! Good work as usual.

  2. wonderfully written :) and very true indeed. though sometimes the players in a fight are the only apparent thing, every fight has a greater reason.


You are very kind :]