Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's the sexiest word in the english language.

No to extra food on my plate.
No to hanging out with haters.
No to watching TV all day.
No to self doubt.
No to drugs.
No to unfit lovers.
No to being normal.


Harness my power.
Harness my future.
Harness my... Immortally.

No, I can't lose time on that video game.
I rather win my dream.

No I can't waste emotion on your fears.
I rather win my dream.

No to not Dreaming.
No to not following my Dream.
No to obscurity.
Ahhhh... the power of No.

When others chose to lose by saying yes
at the wrong time. I will smile and walk away
with the glory of my very sexy No.

Ohhh my God, No is such a sexy beast.
I wish I could crawl in to bed with it, and
do it all day.

It protects me from future hurt.
It comforts me in times of weakness.
It reminds me that I'm not a mere peasant,
and shouldn't do peasant things.

So to all the Distractions trying to steal my Go.
Beware my sexy,
my power of... No.


  1. Nancy Regan would LOVE you, Quin. If yes men are considered kiss asses, I guess no men would be considered kick assers.

  2. This just rolls off the tongue. A beautiful read


You are very kind :]