Sunday, April 15, 2012


From this point on you must be a big old liar.

Always remember your beautiful Lie.

Cultivate it, romance it, share it with no one.

For The Lie is all important, all exclusive,
and your only True Armor.

"They" must NEVER know.
No matter how much they push you,
you must never surrender your Armor.

There will be egotistical duels, in hopes to
make you give up your Armor,,
must, parry.

Above is the sexiest state you will ever indure.
Make no mistake, you will be lonely.
You will be afraid.
You will be excited.
You will be The Favorite.

The Lie will be your only true comfort.
The Lie will keep you going when all
others Obsure out.
Only The Lie will keep you clam with the
smile on your face.

The Lie will make you Smooth.

They must never know...that YOU,

If they find out this FUNdamental truth.
They will try to drive you to Obscurity,
by labeling you an Elitist.

You are an Elitist.
That's why your searching for more "Know"
than "They" have.

Jealousy... is the Enemy. their sword.
The Lie... is your only True Armor.

The LIE...
Pretend like your one of them,
but Know that you are far Better.

They can Never do what you do.
They focus on you because they know this.
Let your work speak for it self, and when
they finally understand who you are,
try not to bust out laughing.
Just pause, be smooth, and look beneath you,
and smile.

The Lie will protect you even then.

Never give them a chance
to take away their Love,
Even if Fate chose You,
to soar...ABOVE.

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  1. From this perspective it seems like a little white lie is better than a glaring truth, but with most lies at some point the truth will win out. Just make sure that your foundation is strong enough to stand on when it does. We all wear masks at times, some have more than others but with any mask, it's what lies beneath that will determine our risings or our fallings. You always keep it interesting, Quin.


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