Sunday, June 17, 2012


Thank you.

For belittling us,
for villafing, hating, and attacking us.
Thank you for all of your efforts to hold us back.

Thank you for your fears.

Thank you for getting up out of your bed each
morning with the top thought on your mind,
"How am I Going to hurt them today?"
Thank you for making us your first priorty.

We appreciate the attention.

We are worth of no less.

We are Worthy of only your supreme effort.
We are Worthy of your full time, money, and

We thank you for spending more time on us
than you do on yourselves.

For Generations, you've systematically tried to
tear us apart, but We Are Still Here.

You can't erase your mistakes.
God sees your Hate.
God sees your Jealousy, Fears and, Failure.
God sees You.

We appreciate the attention.
Thank you.

Thank you for showing us that we matter sooo
much, in your life. Thank you for demontrating
that we matter so much more to you than the
others who are not you. Any competitor that
you through Generations of attention at, must
be secretly better than you.

Shhh,... we won't tell.
We can't, You made them all think we're liars.

So we won't tell, we'll do what you are afraid of
we'll continue to show.

The more you come after us,
the more Important we'll feel.
Keep displaying your weakness,
keep attacking your Betters,
with great,... ZEAL.


You are very kind :]