Sunday, June 24, 2012


My I never get that sloppy.

I have so many friends who pride them selfs
on the fact that they are no longer surprised
or excited by Life or their on Dreams.

They walk with a swagger,
a chip on their shoulder,
almost an arrogance.

They "know" things are not going to get better,
so why even try?
They walk with the "real"ization that anyone
who even try, is just a fool wasting their life
away chasing windmills.

Don Quixote will always be remembered.
The sloppily Jaded will never...

May I never get that sloppy.

The dictionary defines Jaded as:
Tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm,
typically after having had too much of something.

To much;
people talking behind your back,
pretending to be something they are not,
promising to help you then not,
hating you when you win.

It's easy to get Jaded.
It's easy to let yourself go and get sloppy
with Hopelessness.

I'm stronger than easy.

I will always be happy.
I will always  be positive.
I will always love people,
I will never let Life keep me down.

I will never get that sloppy.

I'm not afraid,
so my emotions aren't gated.
Sloppy are the weak,
the religion of the,...JADED.

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  1. Hmmm. Sounds like the Jaded are green with envy and greed, living in an ever-shrinking world.


You are very kind :]