Sunday, September 2, 2012


Every family has one.
Just make sure that your not that one.

My mother first brought the term up to me,
when she was describing a family member
that was constantly not doing well.

She told me about the character on the old
TV show Petticoat Junction's Uncle Joe.
This character was the Uncle of three girls
and the brother of the manager of
"The Shady Rest" hotel.

Dear old Uncle Joe,
would always be lauching one,
hair-brain, get-rich scheme after another.
The schemes would always back fire,
and land him in trouble.

In real life,
an Uncle Joe is the type of person who
consistantly duck out of their responsibilites.
Be they drug addicts,
drunks, punks, yahoos,
dreamers, loafers
or high anxiety cowards.
This useless part of "humanity,"
isn't of any use to anyone.

You know these people.
Be they male or female,
they always seem to have to live
with someone else.

Someone else to;
wash the dishes,
mop the floor, watch the kids,
pay the bills, or... simply...
go to work.

They always have an excuse.
They always have frustration.
They always have... tears.

They think their your equal even when
your taking care of them in your house!

They are very stranglable people.

The worst part about these people
that we have to carry, is that they are
very prideful. Any mention of their
short comings and they get very
defensive, to arguemental degree.

Their fear of responsibility
needs to be clinically treated.
Their impudence due to Anxiety of
appling themselves to the world,
hurts all who depend upon them.

They need hope.

They prefer easy money.
They prefer no work.
They hate athority.

They need a reality check,
oh, wait, that doesn't work.
Their to damaged for reality checks.

They need hope.

Hope that they'll succeed.
Hope that they'll make it on their own.
Hope that their dreams may come true.

Avoid them like the plague,
But if you can't, give them Hope.

It's a harsh reality,
that some parts of humanity lives so low.
But, we have to take care of them,
good old...UNCLE JOE.

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