Saturday, September 17, 2011


There is higher ground.

If you are not being loved enough.
If you are not being heard enough.
If you know you really have
something to say.
If you know that you can help
Humanity Grow.

There is Higher Ground.

God has put into Our rhythm,
The Art of Actually Being Heard.
The Art of Swaying the Masses,
The Art of Supreme ...Validation.

Fame is the State of having a Good
Reputation with a large number of people.
This State usually motivates the average
rank and file to hold you in better
esteem then themselves.

The Smiles, the Parties, the Sex,
the free Meals, the Gifts, and the Money,
can all be yours if you just "Live"
this formula...

Whatever you choose to do,
get it to a Professional Level.

Be Different make sure to stick out,
but Positively.

Be Bold, show them no
regrets for your choices, [The Masses
always like to live Vicariously
through others].

Find a Big Pedestal, a place where a large
number of people can see you,
then display Your Works.

Lastly Be Consistant, because if
you are showing that you are going
to be around for awhile, then it's okay
for them to go head and invest in you.

There is Higher Ground.

And those of us who ARE our
Dreams will Seize it,
with fantastic dexterity, Glory,
Riches, and...FAME.


  1. Fame and good fortune to YOU, Mr. Quin! Like any good tree you're not only rising skyward, but branching out. The shade you provide is inspiration and the fruit you bare is knowledge and ideas showing the masses a different way to not only taste life, but to create their own recipes for it. Thanks!

  2. I love your breakdowns.


You are very kind :]