Sunday, September 11, 2011


Failure will stop at nothing to be your lover.
Obscurity is the house in which Failure resides.
Free-Spirit is it's car, alcohol is it's gas. 
Drugs is it's Party, and Overeating is it's sex.

Good times to one and all who follow this path.
With no allegiance to anyone or anything,
the Skies of Stimulation are open wide,
ready to embrace you with the arms of ALL
THAT NEVER WAS.  Failure leaves the
real Glory to it's miserable sibling...

...Pause...Smile...Okay here we Go.

Freedom doesn't mean you can do what you
want whenever you want, Freedom doesn't 
mean you don't have work to please your lover.
Freedom doesn't mean you have the right to
abandon your Lifes Work.
...Freedom means that

You are a Slave to keeping up your clothes.
You are a Slave maintaining your lover.
You are a Slave to your house chores.
You're a Slave to your bills, which makes
you a Slave to work.

Freedom is the right to chose;
your lover, your house, your clothes,
your bills. Your Life's Work.
And once you chose them,
Slave them well.

Never let anyone tell you that you
should be free of something you wish
to do well.

"Free of it", equals the choice to quit.
Quitting means you let Failure in to
your Bed.

But all of this is mere Maintenance.
A necessary evil in God"s World.
However we are here to talk about your
last evil, The Great Maintenance,

To acquire the "Final Glory" there can be no
freedom from it. You must Slave your days
away to maintain it. Immortality isn't for
the timid. You must Slave your Dream
with Great Strength and diligence.
Always be on guard from that stranger
Failure, waving it's candy to you from a
smelly car. ...[that nasty motherf...]

Madonna, Bruce lee, Benjamin Franklin,
Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr.,
were all locked in the cell with their
Dream, being it's bitch, with no payroll.

History Loves them for this, and Our
Lives are better for it. So our hats are
off to History's DreamSlaves, Past,
Present, and Future. May they never
find their...FREEDOM.


  1. To be a slave to thriving. To be a slave to all your dreams. Never drowning in sorrow, but supping from life's cream. A slave to love. A slave to creation. Rising above Lucifer and eternal damnation. Each one of us in life must choose their own station.
    Thanks for offering a different view at looking at things, Quin.

  2. Great thinking; great writing. Well done! laurie

  3. you have an amazing thought process. it's true we choose the things which would shape our freedom and to satisfy its survival we become a slave to those very things.

    and thank you for dropping by my blog. you have a new follower :)


You are very kind :]