Sunday, July 1, 2012



You've got to throw the numbers at them.

Numbers is your Genius.
Numbers is your Survival.
Numbers is your Immortality.

Thomas Edison went through over 1600
fillaments before settling on that carbon one
to up grade the light bulb.

Prince, would only get an average of 2
charting hit songs per album. In a world
where most music artist get only one album,
and if they're really luck, become a one hit
wonder, 2 hits per album look like
a stroke of...


You've got to through the numbers at them.

Television Stations makes hundreds of TV
shows a year before finding a hit.

We all visit hundreds of web sites before
seeing the few we like best.

You may talk to tens of suitors before finding
a good lover.

It's a numbers game.

Through out a hundred,
get rewarded for seven.

In a world where the averge person my
only get rewarded for one, seven makes
you look like a Genius.

Nobody remembers your failures.
They will only go to your story to
learn how to suceed, [for their own

The children that listen to the stories,
will see the Numbers.
The children that listen will know that
the game is Volume.
The children that listen will get that
Quality is a happy accident of ...


  1. Another great lesson from the lexicon. Keeping me on track as usual. Thank You

  2. Quantity is definitely what you're adding to the Lexicon of Immortality, Quin. Both that and QUALITY. Please, continue with both.


You are very kind :]