Sunday, July 15, 2012


I am more.

More than what you see.
More than what you ignor.


All of the lowly thoughts you cherished
about me were never true,
were never real,
were never substantiated,
accept, by your own little fears.


I am More,

than your dreams permit,
than your ego can handle,
and than your fears can take.


Must you join their party?
Are the Pitys the only group of people
who will bless you with an invite?

Must you group with the losers to hate,
fear, and lash out at those who succeed?

The winners gave you an invite as well.
If you rechecked your mail, I sure you'll
see that,
God gave you a talent too.


Where are you going?
Maintance is not enough.
Anyone can maintain.
Maintaining is the bottom of humanity.
Every generation has their own responsebility to
take humanity higher.


Where's your contribution?

If you don't have one,
don't be embarassed,
just do your part of Uplifting the ones who do.

Because, if they Uplift humanity,
and you Uplift them,
you'll be doing your part,
to help raise us all,...UP.


  1. This possibly made my day :)
    What you wrote about maintaining I mean. I never thought of it in that way before. I always thought that if I want to keep everyone's good opinion of me, I have to maintain and uphold the same image. I'm starting to think that I have it all wrong. Which is good. because limiting myself to doing the same things that I know people would approve of is freaking tiring.

    thanks for your comment on my last post. You're right, money does make murder easier LOL. But about the rich guys thing... atm, it's not so much that I care about that as much as others I care about care about that.

    omg does that even make sense =.= but I think that goes back to the whole maintain thing.

    I totally rambled lol :D
    Following you now!
    mad love,

  2. Your blog is interesting. Your unusual use of capitalization intrigues me.

    Keep writing and keep us Updated!

    Re:your comment, I'm thinking of majoring in Eng and minoring in Psych. Unless the school permits me to double major + minor, in which case I'd double major in Eng + Creative Writing. Hopefully with my Arts degree I can start interning at a magazine. I'm not sure which one yet and what journalistic opportunities await for me in Vancouver. A move to a different city may be required. I'm nervous. But elated. And relieved. That I finally know where I'm headed.


  3. Hmmm, Canadians love ENIGMA QUIN. Good taste.

  4. Interesting food for thought. Deep thought. Thank you.

  5. Ever onward and upward with you. It takes great strength to rise above it all and to go even higher. Never lose that.


You are very kind :]