Sunday, July 8, 2012


Don't waste your time.
They will never hear you.

You have to Show
before you Flow.

Have you ever tried to give someone some
much needed advice, and they didn't
repect your point of view?

They'd talk while your talking,
They'd deny your conclusions,
Some, would call you a straight out liar.

Everyone being asked to change their
path, needs proof.

Proof is fact.
Proof is security.
Proof keeps them from looking like a fool.

Those who usually don't heed your advise,
don't trust you.
Those who usually don't heed your advise,
don't respect you.
Those who usually don't heed your advise,
don't ... Love you.

Remember, if you wish to share wisdom,
you must sprint ahead first.
They can't see you if your running
side by side with them.
They are to busy looking ahead to their goal.
The only things in their vision is what,
or whom is already in front of them.

Unless they respect you, trust you, or
Love you, they will never see you.

Move on.
Sprint ahead.
Show them that you always knew what
you were talking about.

Don't waste your time trying to explain
Life to those who don't receive you.

They need proof, facts, the security
of a college.
You must Sprint ahead,
 in order to share,... KNOWLEDGE.


  1. Wow. that is real wise.
    Sprint true. Thanks for advise.

  2. Deep thoughts, I can use this advice.


You are very kind :]